Do you find if you hear a song or go to a certain place it brings back a certain memory? I have certain songs that bring back wonderful memories for me and some sad ones too. If I drive past or visit or hear someone mention a place that was special to me then all these memories and emotions come flooding back. I have memories of friends from my past that I have lost touch with and I remember places we went to and the music that we used to listen to and the fun things we did, the laughter and the tears and everything in between . The places that we will never go again and the things we will never do again with that person that we may never see again. Thank goodness then that we do have these memories that even the silliest of things will have us remember. A smell can bring back memories of my childhood I can still smell the baking my Grandmother did, I have her mixing bowls and special hand written recipes.  I can still smell the perfume of my late Mother in Law which sadly passes away at the age or 52 . I can smell my babies when I close my eyes and remember holding them for the first time and I can also rememer lost little angels that were not meant to be when I hear a song called In the arms of the Angels. I will be never ever forget….

We have happy memories that makes us smile  (and sometimes blush) or even laugh out loud, memories of things we had to go through and would rather forget and things we will never ever forget . Where ever you go you memories go with you. X Dawn