Five for Friday 


Five guilty pleasures, maybe not guilty but defiantly pleasurable!

1.Eating my favourite icecream sitting in my cosy bed watching a rom com.

2. Dipping a freddo frog chocolate bar into my coffee (please don’t judge me )

3. Lying in a steaming hot bubble bath listening to Enya songs. ..I could stay there all day.

4. After a shower I try to stay in my pj’s for as long as possible even if I am planning to go out I won’t get dressed until the last moment. .I love my pj’s

5. Making cookie dough just to eat the cookie dough (again please  don’t judge me ) I make a good chocolate chip cookie dough and roll it into a sausage and chill it . I then slice the dough and actually make cookies but the last 2 inches of dough has to be kept raw just so I can break little pieces off to nibble …it is yummy I promise you .

What are your five?  Be honest!

X Dawn


Friday five…guilty pleasures


Here goes,don’t judge me as they are all food and drink related, I have not indulged too much as I am trying to eat healthy and recover from this illness but oh boy,so good!

1.Peanut butter, I love the stuff, in cookies,shakes,on it’s own,with banana or sliced apple,I can’t give this yummy stuff up.



2. Haagen-Dazs salted caramel ice cream, oh dear,so naughty but so nice.I love sweet and salty.

download (1)


3.Tyrrell vegetable crisps, they are vegetables so they have to be good for you right?

download (3)


4. Starbucks,iced caramel frappe, I love this drink, I do try to re-create it at home but it is just not the same.

download (2)


5. Green and Blacks Butterscotch chocolate mmmm.

download (5)


There you go my 5 guilty pleasures, yours?

Dawn x