TGI FridayΒ 


End of an era for my beautiful Grandaughter Emily who is eleven. She is leaving primary school and moving to secondary school in September after the summer holiday’s. Wednesday the school organised a year six leavers prom,  She looked amazing and had a fab time . All the children looked so grown up.  

Isn’t she beautiful ?…a group of friends hired a hummer limo it was massive. They enjoyed a really nice evening . So grown up.  Today she will be crying I know she will as she is so upset to be leaving her friends and teachers. She is however looking forward to having her shirt signed by everyone and her signing her friends …a school tradition apparently. It sometimes  doesn’t seem that long since I left primary  (it was quite a few Years ago) and looking forward to going to big school, I had some lovely friends and felt so grown up but scared to walk through those gates. I liked school and was sad to leave , I wish I could turn back time and go back knowing what I know now if course.  My life would be so different I am sure of it . What an adventure Emily and her friends are about to embark upon. 

I have had a fringe since the year dot well at least thirty years but my hair seems thinner now and I am contemplating changing styles but I am so used to a fringe I don’t know what to do.  I might grow it out and see how I get on as I can always grow it back . Hope the pic doesn’t scare the be -Jesus’s out of you I hate selfies.

This weekend  we are going to look round for a car not new but new to us . Our clapped out Volvo is 16 years old and in the last 4 months we have been towed back home twice …we have had a new engine and other parts which frankly was a bloody waste of money but we have had enough. Funds are tight so we won’t be getting some fancy thing even though John wants something that would cost a bomb we are being sensible as we have to save our pennies for the move when it does happen..we are away in September looking at three areas in Devon. We have had no progress on the work on out house for lots of reasons but it is now gaining a bit of momentum and we will soon be ready for valuations.  I think we will be having our last Christmas here thank goodness.  I can’t wait to move . John needs to keep his current job for now so we can work on getting a house and job in place. 

The weather is rubbish and it rained again today. I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow, the thought of walking around car lots is not exactly thrilling but doing that in the rain would be a bloody nightmare.  Archie is coming with us and we had planned a nice meal outside the pub so please don’t rain otherwise it will be fish and chips in the car ! Afterwards we are visiting my parents and then coming home to watch rubbish tv . 

What are your plans? 

X Dawn