Five for Friday 


Here are five things I love that I have in my home. 

1. My photo gallery 

2. My coffee table . It has a painted metal house tea light holder and a tray I got from Asda with one of my domes (I use them a lot in my home ) and inside is a ceramic owl. A Yankee Candle tea light jar and a Yankee Candle small jar with saucer and shade. 

3. My painted wooden candlesticks and lantern.

4. My mantle clock. John gave it to me for our 15th Wedding Anniversary and it was brown but I painted it white .

5. My late Grandmother’s tea set . I have the tea pot, sugar bowl and milk jug on a shelf in my kitchen and some of the cups displayed in one of my domes. I love the flowers . I remember it was in my Grandmother’s china cabinet and it was never used.

X Dawn  



Five for Friday


Five things I have stuck to religiously this week.

1.Tracking my calories through the My Fitness Pal app and it’s going well.

2.Remembering to take off my make up and moisturise before bed.

3.Stick to my meal plan and don’t buy things I don’t need. This is hard but it’s going well.

4. Keeping the areas I have de cluttered clutter free . This is going well.

5. Keep on top of the paper clutter,mail is dealt with as soon as it comes in and the recycling and filing is done.

X Dawn

5 things for Friday 


I used to love the Friday five posts I used to read and post on blogs a while ago. I thought I would bring it back,please feel to add your five in the comments I would love to know .

5 Things I am watching. 

1. Unforgetton .I love a crime drama , Nicola Walker who plays DCI Cassie Stuart and Sanjeev Bhaskar DS Dunholme Khan in this gritty drama. I am currently watching season 2.

2. Silent Witness . I am currently watching season 20 of this award winning series . The show started in 1996 which is incredible. The current show stars Emilia Fox as Dr. Nikki Alexander which has been Inn the shown since season 8. I love this show and it shows just how far forensics has come since the start of this amazing show.

3. Secrets and Lies . I love this US crime drama starring Juliette Lewis as Detective Andrea Cornell I was gripped at season 1. If you haven’t seen it you should give it a go.

4. The Affair. .I absolutely love this show.  It stars Ruth Wilson and Dominic West,they play Americans Alison Lockhart and Nosh Solloway. The show explores the emotional effects of an extramarital relationship between Alison and Noah. I love the format of the show which shows the story from both perspectives and I am gripped.  I love the twists and I can’t wait to see the next episode.  It is shown on Sky Atlantic.

4. Delicious with Dawn French and Emilia Fox who are in a love triangle with Dawns ex you have to watch this one it is on sky 1 . It has only just started but I know I am going to enjoy the antics of Gina (French)  and Sam (Fox) who have both been betrayed by Leo played by Iain Glen.

What are you watching?

X Dawn