Belated new year wishes . I love taking down the tree and decorations and giving the room a good clean . New stars and all that. No resolutions as I am rubbish at keeping them. I do have goals though that I want to reach this year but I won’t bore you with the details.  This year however is the year we are moving to Devon, we have only been waiting twenty years ! We are at a place where we can now up and go and I can’t wait. We spent so much time visiting every weekend and holiday in our little four birth caravan, our home from home and now we get to actually live there. I am beyond excited. We are staying there in June to sort things and then we want to be moved by September.  ..

Pupate..Argue is 8 months now and full of beans and is growing nicely he has a lovely temperament and loves walks and cuddles,he loves dogs he hates cats and birds. Well not sure if he hates them but loves to bark and chase them. The neighbourhood cats sit on the shed roof and tease him, he may be small but has a loud high pitched back that thankfully doesn’t use that much.  
Waiting for Dad to come home.

Please play with my Mum . He is a joy and the best decision we have made in a long time I wouldn’t be without him . 

See you next time x Dawn 


He’s six months old !ย 


My little Archie is six months old already! He is so good he learned to go outside instead of using his puppy training pads so easily and we have has no accidents, this boy is so clever.  He loves his toy Monkey and donkey and ball the best.  He loves cuddling with me and play fighting with John and gets so excited when he hears his car pull up after work.  He loves walks but thinks everyone wants a cuddle. He adores kids and loves it when they come to play.He isn’t a Barker and loves other dogs.  He isn’t too bad in the car but was sick on a longer journey recently.  He can’t climb the stairs which I don’t encourage and loves a lie in. I am up early but he stays in bed snuggles under his blanket.  He is so good. He is a joy nd we defiantly made the right decision to bring him home . 
Here he is with his litter donkey friend. 

Isn’t he the cutest? He isn’t keen on the cold mo tongs and is reluctant to go out, I don’t blame him it had been really chilly here. He was really good on bonfire night and as long as we stayed with him he didn’t mind the fireworks.

X Dawn 

August…wouldn’t think so!ย 


Good old British Summer time, rain,wind and clouds! It is pretty dismal here in the UK and our weekend plans are going to have to change.  You can’t plan anything with this awful weather and I feel for the parents who are trying to keep their kids occupied indoors during the Summer school holidays. My tumble drier has been working overtime and I have cabin fever,apart from the odd walk when it hasn’t rained we haven’t been out on a nice day out with a nice dog walk (and carry as he only has little legs) yet. Today is very overcast and doesn’t look at all promising. How depressing! It looks and feels like an Autumn Day.

It’s raining now 

I got Archie a kids play tunnel for the garden in tne Morrisons sale it was only ยฃ4 I have it on the living room as it has been so bad I haven’t put it in the garden yet, he likes it and I throw his toys in and he grabs them and runs out the other side. Keeping him busy will keep him out of mischief as he is going through the chewing stage and have to watch him as he is so small he gets everywhere . 

He lives lying on me,he looks quite big in this picture but he isn’t,saying that he has grown since we had him . He is a bundle of energy and so much fun and when he tires himself out he likes to lie on me . He is on my right now as I am writing,I am in my pj’s,here he is . Right under my chin ! 

Hope through weather is being kinder to you . Good for the garden I suppose.  

X Dawn  

First bath


Archie was rolling around the garden and looked like he had been dragged through a hedge so I gave him his first bath.  We had got a new washing up bowl to use as his bath as it was the perfect size.  I put an absorbant mat on the worktop and sat the bath on it . He was scared at first and I didn’t give him a long bath just long enough to clean him off and rinse.  He looked so cute and loves being dried wrapped in his towel he thought it was a game and tried to eat the towel. Here are some pics.  

Isn’t he the cutest ? 

X Dawn



Archie has made himself well and truly at home his favourite place was the rug. We had 2 matching rugs either end of the living room but we had to take them up as he was pulling little tufts of the fibres out and I don’t want him to swallow them plus I don’t want bald rugs . When he is through his chewing phase we will put them back . We have a flat rug in the garage that needs cleaning so we will do that this weekend.  

Archie goes outside to wee and he is eating fine and we haven’t had any problem with his sleeping.  He goes up to bed with me at around ten and wakes between five thirty and six which is fantastic, I on the other end get around five or six hours and I am struggling with sleep. 

When I pick him up and put him on my lap he likes to climb up and lies on my chest and go to sleep and has stared following me everywhere and he is so tiny I have to be so careful. He is fast , he has a mad five minutes during the day when he just runs round like a crazy dog and he is so quick .

Here are a few pics of him with his collar and harness that I try on him for a short time evert day to get him used to them he also has his teeth brushed every day which he seems to like . 

Here are a few pics of Archie

He is a joy. He can start socialising with other dogs from tomorrow and we are meeting my Sister in Laws little Yorkshire terrier Henry. It is John’s Birthday tomorrow but he has to work so we are going out Sunday weather permitting to sit outside in the pub garden for a meal with Archie to see how he gets on. He is so confident now and has explored the house and the patio area . He is so funny, he drags his little toy donkey around and it’s bigger than him.  We are totally in live with this little man. He was eleven weeks yesterday.  I will let you know how he gets on over the weekend.  The Grandchildren adore him and he enjoyed the fuss. 

Have a good week . 

X Dawn 

Archie is homeย 


We picked Archie are puppy up yesterday we were expecting a sleepless night but I was the one awake checking on him ,he was so good and he did not even whimper.  He has been outside for a wee and settled in. He has chewed his lamb and donkey and likes his food.  I am so lucky . He is adorable and very funny. He doesn’t stray too far from his bed area but it’s only been a day and he loves his belly tickled.

Isn’t he the cutest ? I can see us having lots if fun training him and watching him grow and learn.  

X Dawn