Five for Friday 


Five guilty pleasures, maybe not guilty but defiantly pleasurable!

1.Eating my favourite icecream sitting in my cosy bed watching a rom com.

2. Dipping a freddo frog chocolate bar into my coffee (please don’t judge me )

3. Lying in a steaming hot bubble bath listening to Enya songs. ..I could stay there all day.

4. After a shower I try to stay in my pj’s for as long as possible even if I am planning to go out I won’t get dressed until the last moment. .I love my pj’s

5. Making cookie dough just to eat the cookie dough (again please  don’t judge me ) I make a good chocolate chip cookie dough and roll it into a sausage and chill it . I then slice the dough and actually make cookies but the last 2 inches of dough has to be kept raw just so I can break little pieces off to nibble …it is yummy I promise you .

What are your five?  Be honest!

X Dawn


Craving cosy


I am really craving cosy, do you know what I mean? I got up this morning and looked around my house and it needs cosying (is that a word?) up a bit for the winter. I love light colours and my living room is brown and cream and light teal, I love that colour but it can feel quite cold, I love it when it goes dark and I can put my lamps on and light the candles it looks and feels so cosy.

I love the idea of a real fire.

imagesCASKR18P How cosy is this ?

I love my throws and I have a blanket basket which I bring out and it is full of fluffy warm throws,ideal to wrap up in and watch tv or read a book.

imagesCAJOG68Q How nice to wrap up in or throw over your legs ?

I love candles and always have them around the house they are perfect to create a cosy home.

images[5] Something as simple as lighting candles can create a cosy looking room.

Sitting by the fire wrapped in a throw,reading a book or watching tv and drinking hot chocolate is such a warming treat and makes me feel so cosy.

hot-chocolate[1] Hot chocolate is like having a hug from the inside.

For cosy toes what could be more cosy than these bed socks?

imagesCAUZV6NY Warm and toasty toes.

We have gaps under our doors since replacing underlay and carpet with wooden floors so to stop the draughts we use draught excluder’s and we can really feel the difference on chilly days.

imagesCA0WTX0R Cosy,warmer rooms and how pretty is this?

We all tend to crave comfort food now and again and especially on a chilly day, stews soups,casseroles,steaming bowls and mac and cheese,sponge pudding and custard and my favourite sticky toffee pudding, all leave us full, warm and cosy.

imagesCAFNZGAB imagesCAY31F8Y Mmmmmmmm

A quick refreshing shower in the morning is fine but on a cold night what could be more cosy than a hot bubble bath with candles?

imagesCAMOA635 perfect !

After a long soak in a bubble bath I love to cosy up in my bed and read a book or watch tv with candles and a throw to keep our feet nice and warm and cosy.

imagesCA4G1QQP I think I have really over used the word cosy in this post but I hope you excuse me for it.

What do you crave at this time of the year?

x Dawn