August…wouldn’t think so! 


Good old British Summer time, rain,wind and clouds! It is pretty dismal here in the UK and our weekend plans are going to have to change.  You can’t plan anything with this awful weather and I feel for the parents who are trying to keep their kids occupied indoors during the Summer school holidays. My tumble drier has been working overtime and I have cabin fever,apart from the odd walk when it hasn’t rained we haven’t been out on a nice day out with a nice dog walk (and carry as he only has little legs) yet. Today is very overcast and doesn’t look at all promising. How depressing! It looks and feels like an Autumn Day.

It’s raining now 

I got Archie a kids play tunnel for the garden in tne Morrisons sale it was only £4 I have it on the living room as it has been so bad I haven’t put it in the garden yet, he likes it and I throw his toys in and he grabs them and runs out the other side. Keeping him busy will keep him out of mischief as he is going through the chewing stage and have to watch him as he is so small he gets everywhere . 

He lives lying on me,he looks quite big in this picture but he isn’t,saying that he has grown since we had him . He is a bundle of energy and so much fun and when he tires himself out he likes to lie on me . He is on my right now as I am writing,I am in my pj’s,here he is . Right under my chin ! 

Hope through weather is being kinder to you . Good for the garden I suppose.  

X Dawn  

August in my house


August in my house sees lots of children in and out so I have to try to invent ways to keep them busy, I am a crafter so crafting is obvious for rainy days, for sunny days we can have a picnic in the garden, bubbles are popular with the younger ones and may I add my dog Alfie, water play is the most popular, be it a plastic watering can,washing up bowl,hose pipe and of course the paddling pool,body paints are fun and can be washed off in the pool at the end of play.
The bottom drawer of my freezer houses tip-tops and lollies and a host of home made concoctions that I have discovered on the web and the top ice drawer is in constant use as the older children are allowed ice cubes.
A game that keeps them amused is,I freeze a dolly mixture or any other sweet that I happen to have in an ice cube and when the cube is in their drinks the first child to release the sweet from the ice cube without touching it wins, simple but they seem to like it.
Baking is a favourite whatever the weather and there is always a fight for the spatula, my cupboard has lots of little pots of sprinkles and glitter,the children love to decorate cookies too, they take great pride in overloading theirs with as many sweets,glitter and swirls of icing as they can,they love it,they are probably bouncing off the walls when they get home…whoops!
A great favorite with children of all ages in pavement chalks although they are not allowed out of the front to draw on the pavement as we live on a busy road the back garden in block paved so they can draw till the cows come home and when the budding picasso’s leave it can be washed away.
In poundland you can buy 3 skipping ropes for a pound,a pack of 8 pots of bubbles for a pound, a hoola hoop for a pound and a host of other garden toys for just a pound and they will keep the little ones happy for hours and it won’t cost the earth.
On a dry day bring out blankets and cushions for them to chill out on and enjoy snacks in the sunshine.

I love sitting in the garden with a drink and a book in the afternoon and can while away many an hour.
We have a few Birthdays in August including mine tomorrow (6th), my friend Karen is taking me out to lunch and I am looking forward to it, John is at work so we will be going out for a meal on Saturday night. I have also been asked to make 2 vintage style wedding cards for a wedding on the 10th and will post pictures after the event.

2 of my Grandughter’s, Emily (7) and Keah (4 on the 24th) are so excited as they are Bridesmaide’s at a wedding in Wales in 2 weeks, I can’t wait to see the photograph’s I am sure they will look beautiful.

I have been doing quite a bit of baby sitting as I like to give the Mum’s a break and enjoy having the Grandkid’s over for a few hours and I get to give them back at the end of the day !
Today has been really wet and cloudy, I had Millie(2) for a few hours whilst her Mum went ot the gym, she is so easy to entertain, she loves dolls and sticker books at the moment and also enjoys looking out of my office window at the ducks and chickens that live next door, they keep us supplied with fresh eggs so I am not complaining.

Summer cooking is a bit hit and miss, I do love salads and am always on the look out for new ideas. I have been cooking baked potatoes in my slow cooker on days when I need comfort food but it has been too warm to have the oven on for too long.You know how it is, sometimes only a fluffy baked potato and butter will do.I cooked a roast dinner yesterday as we hadn’t have one for ages it was yummy but it was till really hot in the kitchen.
Off to feed Alfie and put the kettle on, cuppa anyone?
Thanks for stopping by Dawn x