TGI Friday 


End of an era for my beautiful Grandaughter Emily who is eleven. She is leaving primary school and moving to secondary school in September after the summer holiday’s. Wednesday the school organised a year six leavers prom,  She looked amazing and had a fab time . All the children looked so grown up.  

Isn’t she beautiful ?…a group of friends hired a hummer limo it was massive. They enjoyed a really nice evening . So grown up.  Today she will be crying I know she will as she is so upset to be leaving her friends and teachers. She is however looking forward to having her shirt signed by everyone and her signing her friends …a school tradition apparently. It sometimes  doesn’t seem that long since I left primary  (it was quite a few Years ago) and looking forward to going to big school, I had some lovely friends and felt so grown up but scared to walk through those gates. I liked school and was sad to leave , I wish I could turn back time and go back knowing what I know now if course.  My life would be so different I am sure of it . What an adventure Emily and her friends are about to embark upon. 

I have had a fringe since the year dot well at least thirty years but my hair seems thinner now and I am contemplating changing styles but I am so used to a fringe I don’t know what to do.  I might grow it out and see how I get on as I can always grow it back . Hope the pic doesn’t scare the be -Jesus’s out of you I hate selfies.

This weekend  we are going to look round for a car not new but new to us . Our clapped out Volvo is 16 years old and in the last 4 months we have been towed back home twice …we have had a new engine and other parts which frankly was a bloody waste of money but we have had enough. Funds are tight so we won’t be getting some fancy thing even though John wants something that would cost a bomb we are being sensible as we have to save our pennies for the move when it does happen..we are away in September looking at three areas in Devon. We have had no progress on the work on out house for lots of reasons but it is now gaining a bit of momentum and we will soon be ready for valuations.  I think we will be having our last Christmas here thank goodness.  I can’t wait to move . John needs to keep his current job for now so we can work on getting a house and job in place. 

The weather is rubbish and it rained again today. I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow, the thought of walking around car lots is not exactly thrilling but doing that in the rain would be a bloody nightmare.  Archie is coming with us and we had planned a nice meal outside the pub so please don’t rain otherwise it will be fish and chips in the car ! Afterwards we are visiting my parents and then coming home to watch rubbish tv . 

What are your plans? 

X Dawn 




Archie has made himself well and truly at home his favourite place was the rug. We had 2 matching rugs either end of the living room but we had to take them up as he was pulling little tufts of the fibres out and I don’t want him to swallow them plus I don’t want bald rugs . When he is through his chewing phase we will put them back . We have a flat rug in the garage that needs cleaning so we will do that this weekend.  

Archie goes outside to wee and he is eating fine and we haven’t had any problem with his sleeping.  He goes up to bed with me at around ten and wakes between five thirty and six which is fantastic, I on the other end get around five or six hours and I am struggling with sleep. 

When I pick him up and put him on my lap he likes to climb up and lies on my chest and go to sleep and has stared following me everywhere and he is so tiny I have to be so careful. He is fast , he has a mad five minutes during the day when he just runs round like a crazy dog and he is so quick .

Here are a few pics of him with his collar and harness that I try on him for a short time evert day to get him used to them he also has his teeth brushed every day which he seems to like . 

Here are a few pics of Archie

He is a joy. He can start socialising with other dogs from tomorrow and we are meeting my Sister in Laws little Yorkshire terrier Henry. It is John’s Birthday tomorrow but he has to work so we are going out Sunday weather permitting to sit outside in the pub garden for a meal with Archie to see how he gets on. He is so confident now and has explored the house and the patio area . He is so funny, he drags his little toy donkey around and it’s bigger than him.  We are totally in live with this little man. He was eleven weeks yesterday.  I will let you know how he gets on over the weekend.  The Grandchildren adore him and he enjoyed the fuss. 

Have a good week . 

X Dawn 

Archie is home 


We picked Archie are puppy up yesterday we were expecting a sleepless night but I was the one awake checking on him ,he was so good and he did not even whimper.  He has been outside for a wee and settled in. He has chewed his lamb and donkey and likes his food.  I am so lucky . He is adorable and very funny. He doesn’t stray too far from his bed area but it’s only been a day and he loves his belly tickled.

Isn’t he the cutest ? I can see us having lots if fun training him and watching him grow and learn.  

X Dawn 

Friday …


John has been off work since Tuesday and we have been getting things ready for the puppy arriving as we had donated all of Alfie’s things to our local animal rescue mind you his bed and coats etc would have been way too big anyway so we have had to start again. We had a nice lunch out today nothing fancy just as the local harvester but it was nice just the two of us.  We did some shopping and then came home as I have my Grandaughter after school three days a week until her Dad finishes work. She stays one night a week which is usually a Thursday. When we came home John worked on moving the remaining pieces of our shed which we pulled down it had seen better days and we didn’t use it to store anything other than junk in and that’s all gone now. I have put Emily a Pizza in the oven  (her request) she loves the stuff I am not a fan of Pizza,Emily had her Sats results today and got expected levels and also lots of above expected which she is very proud of.  She loves science and English she isn’t a fan of Maths but her results in Maths were above expected.  

We are picking up Archie our Puppy tomorrow morning and I am so excited , he is ten weeks old now and have his two vaccinations and has been wormed and fleas treated. I am looking forward to working on his training and getting him socialised and hopefully we won’t have many sleepless nights and he settles in with us.Tonight we will just watch TV or a film on Netflix if I can stay awake . I have has some awful nights , I have a fitbit which monitors sleep and I haven’t had one night this week that I have slept more than five and a half hours. 

I will post a few pictures of little Archie over the weekend over on Instagram there is a link on my homepage 

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

X Dawn 

It’s official I have bags and wrinkles !


I have struggled for about 2 years to get a proper eight hours sleep and this year I have not managed to get more than five or six hours for one reason or another but mainly it’s my age . I am fifty five and have been lucky with my skin but all this lack of sleep nonsense is taking its toll. Today I have bags under my eyes and yes I also have wrinkles…crinkles my Grandaughter calls them I prefer laughter lines it sounds a lot nicer . I drink water and look after my skin but these bags have to be through the lack of sleep surely? 

Just look at that ! My reading glassss are always in my head as I can’t read anything without them and I have to keep wearing my hair up as I can’t cope with the heat , it is shoulder length but it is being cut sometime in the next few weeks I am going back to an inverted bob which I can manage as I am not too good with styling my hair I have no patients with it . My fringe is getting thinner so very soon I am going to have to re think that and have a side parting which will be so weird I have had a fringe since the year dot . I am getting old, this is a really whiney post , sorry about that but I am sure women of a certain age can realate. 

X Dawn 


TV three 


The three TV drama’s I am loving at the moment are 1.The Loch 2. Fearless 3. Broken . They are all very different and all have kept me on the edge of my seat, my favourite of the three is Broken which is on tonight.  

What are you watching at the moment? I don’t watch any soaps but love a good drama. So tonight (Tuesday) I will be in my PJ’S with a coffee watching Broken. 

X Dawn 




Sunday in this house usually starts around 7am if I am Lucky as I have very bad insomnia and am sometimes wide awake between 4 and 6am. I had a restless night and woke at 5am but stayed in bed and dropped back off and woke up at 8am which is unheard of.  I have my coffee and get on with breakfast and lunch prep.  I put the washer on and sit and have breakfast and have another coffee before getting on with the day. Today it was raining but still warm. We have had some very warm weather , well warm for here anyway. I have to run to the local shopping centre to pick up some bits and pieces and then come home and have lunch and sit and watch TV while John cleans the kitchen,he never cooks so I cook and he cleans up that’s how it has been for well forever . We then go and visit my parents who don’t live far away and come back home it go and see one of our Son’s or they come here.  We only have a light meal in the evening or my favourite is what I call a picky tea. Cheese board,Dips and veg sticks, Olives but they are just for me as John can’t stand them . I then usually get the ironing done whilst watching some trashy tv on catch up.  Then when Alfie was here we woukd go for a walk with the dog and when Archie is here we will do the same .

Then we settle down and watch a drama (used to be with a glass of wine but I don’t drink alcohol anymore ) . This is our Sunday at home . If we go out for the day it all changes obviously.  We plan to go and find some new dog walks and we have found some nice dog friendly pubs and I love going somewhere nice for a picnic weather permitting.  What’s your Sunday like ? 

We pick Archie up in 12 days I can’t wait.

He loved his belly tickled on out last visit.  He has had his microchip and will be fully vaccinated,wormed and flea treated.  He will be ten weeks when we get him home . 
Dawn x