My striving to be organised rules.


I am striving to live an organised life and try to keep my home clean and organised,It is not always clean or organised !

My rules

I never go to bed without following my evening and bed time routine (routines on routines page)

I follow a morning routine and a housework routine.

I meal plan and make a shopping list every time I shop even when I do an online shop.

I have a two out one in rule,if I want to buy something I will try to find two items to donate,sell or dump. I see some really nice things I would like to buy but have refrained from buying it because it is a want and not a need and also I have nowhere to put it.This works 90% of the time.

I de-clutter a few times a year, I sell,donate or dump what i get rid of and it feels good.

I hate paper clutter so the rules have always been this,every time we have post it is opened and if it is junk it is either put in the recycle bin or in the to burn bag,if it is an appointment it is written down in my planner,the rest goes in the mail drawer and everyone knows where it is,on a Sunday morning, the day I get rid of newspapers and the old TV guides and newspapers I also go through the mail drawer and give out any mail that hasn’t been dealt with and what needs filing is done.

Emily’s school bag is checked every few days,she is usually good with letters from school but sometimes forgets,I have a file that I keep her letters for reference,I write down any dates I need to keep in my planner and fill in any forms she ha to return and put it right back in her bag. I check her homework and reading diary has been filled in.

Emily is like me she likes things organised and has her own little planner for dates when she is seeing her Mum ,school events or outings,he room is a typical eleven year old girls room, she has her routine for keeping her room tidy and she knows if she messes it up she is the one who will tidy it.she has a lot of stuff!

My family know the rules even if they don’t always follow them.