My daily/weekly routines


I try to stay on top of the housework and find the routines keep the house tidy and keep me organised and things don’t get out of control.Just to let you know my eleven year old Grandaughter lives here full time and her Dad (My Son) lives here too for the time being,I am Emily’s main carer as her Dad works full time,she spend every other weekend at her Mum’s house.

My morning routine.

Weekdays(term time)John is always up and out for work before I get up at 6.30,I put the kettle on,switch the heating on if it isn’t already on,let Alfie my dog out and then feed him and make coffee,Emily gets up at 7am ,my Son goes to work and Emily has breakfast and gets ready for school,before Emily goes to school I will have breakfast or sometimes I wait until she goes to school. I will then tidy the kitchen,put a load of washing on,sweep the kitchen floor and tidy the living room, I will go up shower and get dressed, I will swish round the bathroom and then come down and sweep and hoover the living room,we have wooden floors and they get dusty,plus I have dog hairs to deal with. I will mop the floors if needed and put the drier on and another load of washing and then if I am staying in I will do a job off my list of to do’s or whatever is on my routine.  I will prepare lunch and do any prep for the evening meal and clean up after lunch and then check e mails and social media stuff deal with e mails or phone calls and have coffee and watch some catch up TV until Emily comes from school.

Afternoon/evening routine.

Emily will get changed and do homework if she has any and we spend time together and I will then cook the evening meal,John  comes home and he will feed Alfie and get changed and we all eat together,Emily will  either watch TV or is on her tablet and John always makes me a coffee and he cleaned the kitchen,when the kitchen is cleaned up after the meal I will make the packed lunches for work or school and check the meal plan as I may have to de-frost something for the next day, I will tidy up and then either watch TV,do some work on my planner and John usually walks Alfie and then goes to sleep watching TV  on the sofa,Emily gets ready for bed and has a bath every other night and I will put some washing away ,I always iron anything needed for the next day if needed and always have a tidy kitchen ready for the next day, I watch TV or read until bedtime.

I take my meds every night before bed and take off my make up and brush Alfie as he is long haired and would get knotted if he wasn’t brushed,sometimes he loves it sometimes he doesn’t. I fluff my cushions and out away any news papers and put the phone on its cradle.

Then bed around 11pm.