Back from a long weekend away


On Friday we drove to Weymouth on the south coast and stayed in a delightful B and B run by a lovely couple Sue and Grant,they made us so welcome. We had never been to Weymouth before but found it to be a charming little seaside town,many shops in the town were small independant traders which I like as well as the usual high street stores. The harbour is lovely and we spent a few days sitting having a meal and a drink in the harbour watching the boats come and go after our long walks. We needed a break because we hadn’t been away since John had lost his business which is why we booked into a B and B rather than a hotel and we are so glad we did. We took a walk each evening along the beach and the sea front was spotless the bars and restaurants we went to were really nice,we found a (tacky I know but I love it) karaoke bar and we had such a laugh listening to the crooners until way past midnight.
We checked out of our B and B on Tuesday and drove to the Cathederal City of Exeter which I like, we stayed just one night in another B and B, it was five minutes from the Cathederal and it was a 3 story Georgain house that was full of charm and original features.Yesterday afternoon we drove home via Weston Super Mare,another seaside town, we used to take our three boys when they were younger and were upset to hear a few years ago that the pier had burned down, we were keen to see the new pier, we were sadly dissapointed,the pier is full of fair rides and slot machines and a cafe, there is an Edwardian style tea room but the charm of the old pier has been replaced by a modern building and lacks any of the old charm,the town is really shabby looking full of discount stores and cheap bars.We won’t be going back.Sad to leave but relaxed after our short break away, John is back at work on Monday.
So today I am doing laundry,catching up with paperwork and e-mails, I have a few blogs I want to catch up with too.

Which tablet?


I am looking for a reasonably priced tablet that I can use for business and pleasure, pleasure would be for shopping online, e-book reader,faceboook, twitter e mails etc, business would be showing customers cards and gifts that I have made in my gallery.
I have no idea what to get, I have been online and am out of my depth,andriod,smart,Ice cream sandwich,jelly bean? WTF? I just want to plug it in and off I go, I know of some apps that I want to down load and I will need a memory card and thats the extent of my knowledge.
I have looked round the shops and know my budget so I had better do a bit more research because I don’t want to buy something and find out it is wrong for me.

I am out this evening with my friend Karen, we are going to an Indian evening at our local small independant cinema/events/exhibitions centre, we are having a drinks reception then a showing of The Best Marigold Hotel and then indian food after the film,we are looking forward to it and at just £10 a ticket it is an inexpensive night out.
The cinema is inside an old lock works and they have coverted it into a cinema, events venue and cafe/bar, as you walk through the doors they have kept the cobble stones that is now an indoor courtyard, John took me to a vintage fair there a few weeks ago and it was a perfect setting.

X Dawn

Thursday already


This week has gone so fast for me, I have just posted some pictures of some of the cards I have for sale on my craft blog pop over and have a look.
I have been making some craft items for my craft stall I am hoping to have in the Summer too.
I have had 2 little girls here over the weekend, Emily and Keah came to stay, we went out for lunch on Saturday and I always get them a colouring set so they can draw whilst waiting for the food to arrive, I know that when kids get bored they can be a handfull so I always have something in my bag to keep them busy, they both love drawing and colouring and it worked. Sunday the girls helped me with the cleaning which they loved, nothing wrong with child labour right?
Colouring in the pub [id=”attachment_1113″ width=”224″]Cleaning for Nanny

I have started walking again just an hour to start off with and John came with me and we did a short circuit which was just under an hour, we are walking every other day, this is another attempt to get fit and lose weight, I know I have been on so many diets and have failed miserably that I have given up dieting forever and am concentrating on healthy eating and allowing myslef the odd treat on a weekend and then walking and swimming as a way of buring the fat away, watch this space! I love the sunshine but dread the thought of squeezing myself into summer outfits, my legs look like milk bottles so it is time to get the holiday skin moisturiser out, my heels have become a bit dry too so I have started using my Soap and Glory heel cream, it is under £5 and works better than the £10 to £15 stuff I have tried in the past. I love Boots Soap and Glory and the body butter in different fragrances work a treat and are rich and creamy and non greasy and soak into the skin quickly. Soap and Glory are my hero products and are on my top ten must haves. I would highly recommend them.
Foot scrub

Body butter ]
better go and get stuff done, unload the dishwasher, sweep and mop the floors and make a chicken casserole for tonight.
Come back soon x Dawn

I am back and hoping to be a much better blogger


After all this time I am making another come back and hoping to be a much better blogger, I am also working on my other blog which is my new small business Vintage Pretties blog, pop in and say Hello.

I have been busy with setting up my new craft business and looking after my Grandchildren and sorting out the house which needs quite a few jobs doing and finishing, we are decorating every room again and also installing a new bathroom, it is fun chosing new things for our home but hate the stress that comes with it, John is useless at DIY and we have to rely on others to do the work which makes it more expensive for us. There are quite a few jobs in the garden to be done and hopefully the weather will pick up so we can get it done, I love sitting in the garden reading during the day or enjoying a glass of wine in the evening but also having the family round for a barbecue. I have been looking on the web for inspiration.

I have been watching Broadchurch and enjoyed it, I had guessed who the killer was a few episodes in then changed my mind and changed it back again, it is about time we had some decent TV to watch. I wasn’t a great fan of David Tennant before Broadchurch but can’t wait for Broadchurch 2 which hasn’t even started production yet so I am in for a long wait.
I watched the first episode of The Ice cream girls and am looking forward to the next one on friday. I watch coronation Street on and off but am not really into soaps. We have net flicks and have to confess to watching the first series of Made in Chelsea again (twice), I am addicted to it, it is on Monday nights and find myself shouting at the TV at Spencer the love rat and Jamie the wanna be playboy, they make my blood boil, Lucy is a cow but I have have a love hate relationship with her. If you haven’t seen it I am sorry to waffle on about it, I just love watching it. I havent seen many new films, I am going to an Indian evening at our local independant cinema at the end of the month we are having a drinks reception, watching The Best Marigold Hotel (set in India) and having indian food after the movie, looking forward to it very much,it is a charity event.

This Saturday we have Millie our 2 year old Grandaughter so will be taking her out for the day. I want to go to the local bootsale on Sunday as I am on the look out for stuff for my Vintage Craft satll, tea cups for candles mainly.
I hope this sunshine lasts, everythingseems so much better when the sun shines.

X Dawn

Things I need to do


Emily has gone back to her Dad’s and the house is so quiet, I have packed up her clothes and a few of her toys and they have gone and I am in the process of sorting through her other things, she seems to have settled in ok thank goodness. I am getting into a new routine now, one of which is staying in bed a little later, Emily was up at 6 ish most mornings and if my fur baby Alfie allows I get to have an extra hour in bed which is so nice.

John has gone back to work after the bank holiday and he made a good start on the utility room, we are decorating all the way through and then after Christmas have decided to have the house valued and are thinking about moving if we can both find decent jobs, we are now thinking about Somerset because house prices are not too bad there.

This week I have to get my hair cut , I have had about 2 inches off and lots of layers in to thin it out, read my 5o Shades of Grey, the trilogy have bees sitting on my book shelf untouched, enroll in my local aqua fit group, look for a cupboard my utility room and move my chest freezer into the garage, I have an upright fridge freezer for everyday items so we can make space for some decent storage, last but not least find a job, the party business is so slow and we knew it would only be a few hours here and there but since Emily has gone I have no income so need a job. I need to update my CV and start applying, I want part-time as I can’t leave my dog all day.

I also need to sort out my wardrobe and get some autumn outfits, I have not lost any more weight ( not sticking to diet and exercise) so I need to get back on my treadmill too.

Stick to the one in 2 out rule, I have been de cluttering the house and have a rule that if we buy something then 2 items have to be sold, donated or binned and it seems to be working.

x Dawn

Empty nest..


My darling Grandaughter Emily has been living with me for just over a year, last week she had been on holiday in Wales with her Daddy ( my Son) and his partner and other children and they all had a great time. Out of the blue it had been decided that she was to go and live with them again when they came back home on Saturday, I knew it was going to happen but not quite yet. I am pleased she is back with Daddy, Tanya and her siblings and she is quite happy to be there although she says she wants to sleep here sometimes, but I feel so lost this morning, she usually comes into my room for a cuddle and we have breakfast and plan our day. I woke up this morning at 7.45 which is unheard of and realised it was just Alfie (my fur baby) and me, John had gone to work and the house was so quite, the TV is on now for company, how sad is that?

I will miss her like crazy, even though she lives five minutes away and I will see her all the time, I will miss making her pancakes and playing clapping games, we have our own little codes and we teased the heck out of her Grandad. I will miss her bedtime routine, school run and everything in between. On the positive side I can do my own thing and not have to worry about being home for three to pick her up or not go out on a school night. I can get a part-time job because the party business  is mainly weekend work. I am 51 and have had 3 kids and done it all before and now it is my time, but I would do it all again for any of babies in a heartbeat.

So today I will be job hunting and waiting for a visit from Emily , Keah, Mason and Myah and it will feel so strange that Emily will be a visitor!

Here are some snaps of Emily, I have tried to make such wonderful memories for her.

70’s chick, all ready for her school production.

Licking the spoon is the best part of baking.

Nanny’s little helper.

Letter from Santa and visit from Jingles.

My little Cinderella.

Tea party.

Pretty witch.

Homework project.

Emily’s sports day.

Mason, Emily Keah and their new baby Sister Myah.

She is just beautiful, all my Grandchildren are. Off to get ready for my little visitors.

x Dawn