I struggle with breakfast as some days I will have a really good breakfast and some days I will just have coffee and then by 11 am I am ravenous.  Today I made a Weight Watchers smart points omelette.  I used 2 eggs 4sp 1 rasher of bacon 1 sp mushrooms 0 sp 2 chopped spring onions 0 sp and 1 tbsp parmesan cheese 2 sp plus salt and black pepper.  It was lovely and I hadn’t had an omelette for a while.  Well worth the 9 smart points. 

What did you have for breakfast today ?

X Dawn 


Meal plan


I have been meal planning for a long time,it saves waste and money,I do my main weekly shop online and I get it delivered on Thursdays,my meal plan starts on Friday and I plan for the week. here is this weeks meal plan. My shop online was done at Asda and with cleaning products,household stuff and food it came to £89 after discounts and I had free delivery which  have for a month. The meal plan is for main meals ,there are four of us in the house and I cook all the meals and prepare packed lunches for Emily,my Son and John my husband. Breakfast for John is eaten whilst he is at work,he takes cereal and a breakfast bar,his lunches are also eaten at work during the week he takes sandwiches,crisps,a chocolate bar and a yogurt,he also takes a flask for tea and a cup a soup. Emily has breakfast which is usually waffles with chocolate spread,porridge with honey or cereal,she takes packed lunch which I will do  separate post on with pics from next weeks lunches,she has a snack when she comes from school which is either a yogurt,fruit or a wafer bar or wagon wheel etc.My Son doesn’t eat breakfast but has a packed lunch every day pretty much the same as his Dad but also takes a sausage roll every day as he loves them.

Here is this coming weeks meal plan.It is a bit of a junk food week not in the healthy eating mood,insomnia struck again and two months in a row with no sleep means I will eat crap and don’t really care,next week will be better.Emily takes a healthy lunch to school and eats fruit

Friday – Fish in batter, homemade chips and mushy peas ( Emily spag bol she is allergic to fish)

Saturday – Chicken Tikka massala with basmati rice and naan bread.(Emily will have a burger and chips)

Sunday -Roast chicken,stuffing,roast and mashed  potatoes,sprouts,carrots,green beans and gravy.

Monday – Cheese omelette and salad

Tuesday – Sausage,cheesy baked potatoes and beans

Wednesday – KFC style Chicken,french fries,corn on the cob,onion rings (Emily’s request)

Thursday – Pizza,wedges and garlic bread.

x Dawn


My go to lunches 


Sometimes I am guilty of skipping lunch and then end up snacking on junk until my evening meal. If I am out and about and don’t have time to go and sit down and eat lunch I will pop into Greggs for one of their salad boxes,one of my favourite is the Falafel and cous cous with rocket, tomatoes and peppers and a little tub of humus and little tub of yogurt and mint. I really like this and create it at home too.

I love making soup and an easy one is my roasted red pepper, tomato and red onion soup. It is easy and filling . I love dippy /picky food and a quick and easy lunch or snack is humus with thin crackers and carrot sticks.  I also like making tortilla’s which are great to use up those odds and ends in the fridge I like it cold with salad. When I am cooking new potatoes I always cook more than I need so I have a few to slice up and add to my tortilla with eggs,mushrooms,peppers,feta cheese or cheddar, I also add spring onion and any other bits I have in the fridge. It is perfect for a summer lunch and is very portable.

What do you like for lunch?

X Dawn


Watch “My meal plan video filmed in my messy office!” on YouTube


This is a 12 minute video filmed from my messy office/ craft room.I filmed from my phone and it’s unedited.I am digging out my ancient video camera and trying to get to grips with my editor on my laptop.
If you don’t watch you tube this is how I plan. Firstly I write down what I have in the fridge or freezer that I want to use in the following weeks menu,I plan during the week as I shop on a Friday I then create a weeks worth of meals for breakfast,lunches and dinners and cross off what I have and write my list,I would love to plan and shop monthly and then just top up on perishables but I don’t have a pantry and I don’t have masses of cupboard space either.
Hope you like the video if you do watch x Dawn.

Afternoon tea


Thursday myself and three other ladies went out for afternoon tea,I booked it as a Birthday treat for my oldest friend Karen,we were at school together. We had a lovely afternoon with lots of laughs,the Prosecco was a nice touch. Here are a few pics.


We had a cake stand between two, the sandwiches and cakes were lovely.


The Birthday girl on the left.


The very funny lady on the left is the Birthday girl’s sister and the lady on the right has just come back from Cyprus,I gave her the nickname Amy Child’s for the afternoon (a reality tv star who is known for using very dark fake tan)I have not laughed so much on ages and we are going back again next week as it was a great afternoon.

Dawn X

How did that happen?


While grocery shopping last night this little box of naughtiness made it’s way into my trolley,how did that happen?


Smaller than a regular cornetto but full of rich peanut butter icecream,It is a treat I am going to allow myself now and then because I am on a health kick at the moment,yes another!  I adore anything with peanut butter in it and have been known to eat it with a spoon right out if the jar at moments when only a hit of the good stuff will do,I tried one last night and it hit the spot let me tell you.
One a week I think,I am going  to put them in a freezer box so I don’t see them every time I go into the freezer because my will power is zero when it comes to that gooey,peanuty stuff.
Dawn X

Meal planning


I like to try to be organised,it doesn’t always work but I always make a food plan and shopping list for the week, I may swap meals around depending on schedules or unforeseen events. My food plan starts on a Saturday because I shop on Friday evening when John finishes work. Here are my main meals for the week,evening meals except Sunday as we have our main meal at lunchtime.

Saturday – Chicken Tikka Massala (I use Lloyd Grossman sauce in a jar because it is is the only one John likes),basmati rice and poppadoms with mango pickle.

Sunday – (lunch) Roast lamb,roast and mashed potatoes,veg,mint sauce and gravy.

Monday – Tomato and basil pasta bake and garlic bread.

Tuesday – Salmon steak,baby potatoes and salad.

Wednesday – Chilli con carne and rice.

Thursday – Pork and leek sausage,cheesy mash and baked beans. (I use really good sausages,this is so comforting)

Friday – Soup and toasted sandwich (home made roasted butter nut squash and red pepper soup) and a toasted cheese sandwich, a quick meal as we have to do the food shop.

I always cook from scratch but one thing I have never perfected is a decent Tikka Massala curry so I have to use a jar and the best one I have tried is Lloyd Grossman. I also use quorn mince in my chilli as I am not over keen on minced meat.

I shop at home bargains for my cleaning products and toiletries and Sainsbury’s for everything else, I use a lot of home brands and I like the fact they use price match and I get points which I spend when there is a double promotion. I have my eye on some nice cook ware for the next points double up.

I do what works for me,do you meal plan?

Dawn x