I love my cute little bag


It was my Birthday last week and one of my gifts from my Husband John was a Jasper Conran black handbag.  It has a centre zipped compartment and 2 outer compartments  and it can be worn over the shoulder and tucks in perfectly so you have both hands free if needed which is ideal for shopping . It is pretty enough to use as a bag for going out in the evening to the pub or a meal etc. I love it !


X Dawn


Watch “Organised dining area dresser tour” on YouTube


Hi I have done a video on my organised dining room dresser, it is just a quick tour, hope you like it, please like,subscribe and share if you want to, thank you.

Organised scarves


I spent a few hours today de cluttering and tidying my craft room/office and then my coat cupboard and  I had a pile of scarves, wraps and belts to sort out and I got a scarf organiser some time ago from Ikea so I decided to put it to use,I love scarves but tend to wear the same ones as I forget what I have but this hanger is fab.


And as you can see I have lots of room left for new ones,there are heavier pashminas and winter scarves on the bottom and lighter scarves and belts higher up,it is quite sturdy and hangs in a wardrobe or cupboard. I think it was around £6 but please don’t quote me on that.
I am very pleased with it.

Dawn X

Chalk paint projects


I have been busy this week painting,distressing and waxing some photo frames,the clock on my mantle and my lamp base.I am creating a photo gallery wall, with photo’s a mirror and an ornamental letter H ( for Hall our Surname) I saw a few ideas on Pinterest that I would love to re-create in my living room/dining room, don’t you just love Pinterest? it is one of my vices, I spend quite a few hours browsing various boards , all in the name of research of course. I am pleased with the results


10363488_10203522212948465_1844055092598545875_n   10384910_10203522212228447_8805316625919316319_n 10647008_10203521858139595_1847808846064476296_n10628562_10203521863219722_4399441218145401001_n


I have also started to paint the coffee table that was rescued from a skip and I have applied two coats of White chalk paint and I will apply one more coat and  distress and wax it, It will look really nice in my living room. My living room needs wallpaper on the feature wall and new curtains and it will be finished.

Here are a few ideas I like for a gallery wall which will be over my sideboard in the dining area of the living room.

0a572587bbebd33a0a0927c5adf1b10e 3de2bda5c3b4c184fc723393b50d45c5 f8408553ea3b25d8bd1f461312a49c7d I can’t wait to create my own Gallery wall

Dawn x

Friday Five…things I have to have in my home


Welcome to my Friday five, this week I have chosen five things that I love having in my home, this list was very long and I have decided on my five current favourite things.

1. When I was a child I saw Bed knobs and Broomsticks and the film was centred around a magic brass bed, I loved that bed and always wanted one, around ten years ago we bought one it cost around £400 and I love it, I will never part with it. I haven’t posted a pic of my bed because we are sleeping in it in the spare room as my room is now empty awaiting a new floor and re-decoration. when it is done I will post a photo but found a phot of my bed on Pinterest. I love snuggling under the duvet watching TV or reading a book or having a nice lie in on a Sunday morning, John brings me coffee and we sit and chat for ages. I am looking for some new bedding at the moment, I can’t wait to move back into my own room.

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2. Yankee candles,my all time favourite it Clean cotton, I love candles and Yankee is one of my favourite, clean cotton smells just like clean linen fresh from the line, it is one of the freshest aromas and I love the jars,plug in’s and car jars.I have to have candles in my home.


3.My late Grandmother’s huge T.G Green mixing bowl. I inherited some of my Grandmother’s bake ware and hand written recipes and I will treasure them always, I remember she was always baking cakes and scones and her favourite,huge slabs of bread pudding, all mixed in her big mixing bowl, It sits proudly on my baking trolley and I love using it and am so careful with it as I want to keep it for ever, I am not as good a baker as my Nan, and she didn’t own a mixer she did it all by hand.


4. I have quite a thing for cloches, I have quite a few, I keep some of my other late Grandmother’s china displayed in them, my little one has a bird on top and site on my fireplace. I will always have cloches in my home I may change what I display in them from time to time but I love them 



 5. Picture frames, especially white ones, I love photograph’s,prints and frames quotes and am currently trying to create a photo wall in the dining area , I am collecting white frames or painting frames in my collection white, I have yet to decide on the layout and am looking for ideas, I have to have pretty white frames in my home I love them.Cant wait to get them on the wall.


I hope you enjoyed my Five, what are your five?

x Dawn 

Photo organisation


I recently bought a heart shaped multi frame and today I decided to get all of the photographs I had that were not in scrapbooks or albums out  and sort them out. I decided that the photo’s in the frame should be of John and I. It took me around two hours but I feel  it was time well spent. I now have every photo organised and have chosen some for the frame. It is a fun frame and it will be put up somewhere in the living room/dining room. I have to tackle the digital photos and I think I will need more than a few hours as I am guilty of storing hundreds on memory sticks and discs. I have never printed any off but must do at some point. Here are a few photos of my frame. I don’t like having my photograph taken so didn’t have many to chose from as I have the majority in my scrapbooks or albums.





I am pleased with my project and it is a job ticked off my long list of to do’s.
Dawn x

Pinch punch first of the month


I can’t quite believe it but it is the first of September today,where has the time gone? I don’t have children at home but have Grandchildren and they are preparing to go back to school this week. We have lots of decorating projects to start or get finished (hope you are taking note John) and I have need to organise the house a little better, it is by no means a tip but there are certain places that always seem to get cluttered, we recently cleared out the loft and John is in the middle of clearing out the garage and I am amazed at the “stuff” we chose to keep.I have around 10 boxes of “stuff” we are taking to a car boot sale next weekend and what I can’t sell will be going straight to the charity shop, it felt so good putting things in boxes knowing they will soon be gone and we have an empty loft.

I have started de -cluttering the living room, well the sideboard as that is the only place that has “stuff” in it, when looking through the items I keep in there I found odd batteries, buttons that had fallen off clothing and picked up and put in the drawer,scraps of paper with scribbled numbers and doodling on and why they were kept I have no idea. Just rubbish really. Now the four draws are all neat and tidy and each one has a purpose. I love a room to be clean and tidy and am looking for a nice shallow basket to keep my remote controls together at the moment, II will keep it on the shelf on my coffee table,the table is in the garage at the moment it was a skip find,it was in perfect condition and is solid wood but has a very dark stain,and is waiting to be painted white with chalk paint as I love the shabby-chic look, I am waiting to go and get three different colours of chalk paint and finishing wax in a few weeks when funds allow and I can start on my paint projects.I have a collection of throws and blankets and would love a really nice basket to keep them in, I had a little blanket basket sometime ago it was made from a strong cardboard covered in fabric, it looked nice but my Grandson sat on it and one of the sides collapsed so ended up in the bin and I have not got round to finding a replacement yet.

download (3)  I need a pretty basket like this for my throws and blankets.

Today I am tackling the kitchen cupboards and I know I will regret starting it but know I will love it when it is all organised. I have a lot of baking trays and have to get John to do this for me asap,what a fab idea as I am always scrambling around trying to find a certain tray from the back of the cupboard.



download (4)

Whist looking for storage ideas I was in TK Maxx on Friday and they have a great collection of perspex make up organisers that are perfect for all sorts of stuff,nail polish,pencils etc, they would be great for your dressing table drawer or make up cupboard, prices start from around £5.I will have to get some when it is time to tackle my bedroom.

images (1)

I am off to tackle the kitchen, I have less storage now it is a kitchen/diner so it helps to be tidy and organised.Once it is tidy I will give the cupboard doors a good clean, I have a cream units and they really show up grubby marks. I am planning to strip the wallpaper on the end wall and paint the whole room a soft duck egg blue,one of my favourite colours at the moment.

I will see you at the other side x Dawn