Friday …


John has been off work since Tuesday and we have been getting things ready for the puppy arriving as we had donated all of Alfie’s things to our local animal rescue mind you his bed and coats etc would have been way too big anyway so we have had to start again. We had a nice lunch out today nothing fancy just as the local harvester but it was nice just the two of us.  We did some shopping and then came home as I have my Grandaughter after school three days a week until her Dad finishes work. She stays one night a week which is usually a Thursday. When we came home John worked on moving the remaining pieces of our shed which we pulled down it had seen better days and we didn’t use it to store anything other than junk in and that’s all gone now. I have put Emily a Pizza in the oven  (her request) she loves the stuff I am not a fan of Pizza,Emily had her Sats results today and got expected levels and also lots of above expected which she is very proud of.  She loves science and English she isn’t a fan of Maths but her results in Maths were above expected.  

We are picking up Archie our Puppy tomorrow morning and I am so excited , he is ten weeks old now and have his two vaccinations and has been wormed and fleas treated. I am looking forward to working on his training and getting him socialised and hopefully we won’t have many sleepless nights and he settles in with us.Tonight we will just watch TV or a film on Netflix if I can stay awake . I have has some awful nights , I have a fitbit which monitors sleep and I haven’t had one night this week that I have slept more than five and a half hours. 

I will post a few pictures of little Archie over the weekend over on Instagram there is a link on my homepage 

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

X Dawn 


2 thoughts on “Friday …

  1. Remember not to tire the puppy out Dawn – he’s still a little baby :).
    I went through sleepness nights for a couple of years – waking every 2 hours. It still comes and goes. I got a book from the library that helped take away the stress ‘Sleep, the myth of 8 hours’ by Nick Littlehales. Easy to read – lots of explaining. Naps are ok too

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    • Dawn

      He will be a little dot and I have told the Grandchildren they have to give him some peace. I am prone to naps now as I hardly get six hours. X

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