It’s official I have bags and wrinkles !


I have struggled for about 2 years to get a proper eight hours sleep and this year I have not managed to get more than five or six hours for one reason or another but mainly it’s my age . I am fifty five and have been lucky with my skin but all this lack of sleep nonsense is taking its toll. Today I have bags under my eyes and yes I also have wrinkles…crinkles my Grandaughter calls them I prefer laughter lines it sounds a lot nicer . I drink water and look after my skin but these bags have to be through the lack of sleep surely? 

Just look at that ! My reading glassss are always in my head as I can’t read anything without them and I have to keep wearing my hair up as I can’t cope with the heat , it is shoulder length but it is being cut sometime in the next few weeks I am going back to an inverted bob which I can manage as I am not too good with styling my hair I have no patients with it . My fringe is getting thinner so very soon I am going to have to re think that and have a side parting which will be so weird I have had a fringe since the year dot . I am getting old, this is a really whiney post , sorry about that but I am sure women of a certain age can realate. 

X Dawn 



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