TV three 


The three TV drama’s I am loving at the moment are 1.The Loch 2. Fearless 3. Broken . They are all very different and all have kept me on the edge of my seat, my favourite of the three is Broken which is on tonight.  

What are you watching at the moment? I don’t watch any soaps but love a good drama. So tonight (Tuesday) I will be in my PJ’S with a coffee watching Broken. 

X Dawn 



4 thoughts on “TV three 

  1. Helen Parker

    David and I just watched Riviera. Don’t ask me what channel, or when, or if it was catch up or what – I don’t even know how to turn the tv on, but David found it. It was very very good. Did you see it?

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    • Dawn

      Oh no I will search for it . I can’t wait for Happy Valley to come back and Luther although some of those scared me so much I couldn’t go to bed on my own lol xxx I love a good drama x


  2. I get a bit fed up with tv but tend to watch more light hearted things like Death in Paradise – that sort of thing. The Good Karma Hospital started here last Saturday so that’ll be Saturday night viewing for a few weeks.

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