Sunday in this house usually starts around 7am if I am Lucky as I have very bad insomnia and am sometimes wide awake between 4 and 6am. I had a restless night and woke at 5am but stayed in bed and dropped back off and woke up at 8am which is unheard of.  I have my coffee and get on with breakfast and lunch prep.  I put the washer on and sit and have breakfast and have another coffee before getting on with the day. Today it was raining but still warm. We have had some very warm weather , well warm for here anyway. I have to run to the local shopping centre to pick up some bits and pieces and then come home and have lunch and sit and watch TV while John cleans the kitchen,he never cooks so I cook and he cleans up that’s how it has been for well forever . We then go and visit my parents who don’t live far away and come back home it go and see one of our Son’s or they come here.  We only have a light meal in the evening or my favourite is what I call a picky tea. Cheese board,Dips and veg sticks, Olives but they are just for me as John can’t stand them . I then usually get the ironing done whilst watching some trashy tv on catch up.  Then when Alfie was here we woukd go for a walk with the dog and when Archie is here we will do the same .

Then we settle down and watch a drama (used to be with a glass of wine but I don’t drink alcohol anymore ) . This is our Sunday at home . If we go out for the day it all changes obviously.  We plan to go and find some new dog walks and we have found some nice dog friendly pubs and I love going somewhere nice for a picnic weather permitting.  What’s your Sunday like ? 

We pick Archie up in 12 days I can’t wait.

He loved his belly tickled on out last visit.  He has had his microchip and will be fully vaccinated,wormed and flea treated.  He will be ten weeks when we get him home . 
Dawn x 


3 thoughts on “Sunday 

  1. I wonder how Archie will take to visiting your parents. Do they have a dog? I believe the walks start after a dog is fully vaccinated- is that right.?


    • Dawn

      My parents list their beloved dog over 25 years ago and wouldn’t have another. My Dad will take him for a walk and my Mum will enjoy a cuddle. My parents loved a Alfie and he was always excited to see is Nanny and Grandad. My Dad did say however that Alfie knew he was a dog when he was at Grandads house. Whatever could he mean ? . He will love it . They have a safe garden to play in . I just hope he likes the car as much as Alfie did as we like going on drives and picnics when we have the weather x


    • Dawn

      Sorry sent before I had finished …yes he will be allowed to walk when he comes to us as he will have had his 2 vaccinations . He had a big family at his breeders they have 7 dogs and 2 cats. I am taking his you socialising classes with other puppies he will meet all shapes and sizes. My Sister has a black lab called Lucy so he will meet her too . I am not sure what they will make of each other and we can’t wait for them to meet. We are nervously excited x


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