Motivation for Monday 


I am a list maker and I love the satisfaction of crossing off things on my to do list but sometimes I allow myself to carry over too many of my to do’s to the next day. I have the best intentions of completing tasks when I write them on my list but I am easily distracted.

I complete a few tasks off the list and put the kettle on and sit and have a coffee but whilst sitting I will either pick up my phone or the the TV remote or both and get drawn in to my subscription list on YouTube or tell myself I am only going to watch one of the programmes I have recorded or on catch up, I pick up my phone and check e mails or social media notifications and that’s it,the ten to do’s still sitting unchecked are the furthest thing on my mind as I play my game on my phone or find out who the killer was in an episode of my favorite crime drama or read someone’s life story splashed all over social media,or,and this one will make you giggle,watch other people clean,de clutter and organise on YouTube!  There is nothing wrong in taking a break but you really have to have got some tasks done before it is a real break and not just plain lazy.I have decided to take the bull by the horns and stick to my house work schedule and allow myself a ten minute coffee break and a lunch break. I am watching catch up in my bedroom whilst sorting the clean laundry and will put YouTube on when I am doing the ironing . I am putting my phone on the other side of rhe room when I am cleaning and I have already checked my e mails whilst having my coffee when I woke up.

My bed is made,breakfast things tidied away and washed up and I am about to tackle the living room which is today but needs sweeping and hoovering and then I shall pop the kettle on and take it upstairs and watch the Affair whilst folding laundry.  My phone will only be looked at when this is done. So if you need some motivation I hope this helps. My motivation is to allow myself all the time I want doing anything I want when all of my tasks are done. I will not write a list knowing that it is unachievable and then I can sit guilt free with a coffee and my book,remote or phone knowing it is all done.

X Dawn (putting phone down right now !)


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