Five for Friday


Wow Friday again already,this week has flown by, I have been organising and this weekend I need to clean,I have the plumber in at the moment trying to finished the jobs that need doing in my new bathroom.

Here is my Five for Friday…pics that make me smile,as I have been doing a digital de clutter most of my photos have been put onto memory cards I have chosen from the ones I have yet to get onto cards.

  1. image054Don’t put bunny in the bag,even before she was two Emily had been a good talker and one day I took her out and she had her little bag and her beloved bunny,when we were in town I was trying to get her back into her pushchair and sort coats etc and she came out with “Nanny please don’t put bunny in the bag” my friend’s grown up daughter was with us and she couldn’t believe how well she could talk for her age.
  2. mobile-pics-072When my Grandson Mason was born he came to visit in his car seat and I had to take this pic,look how tiny he is an his little legs,so cute and it makes me smile.
  3. 2014-08-16-15-10-48My Hubby John in a suit,he is an HGV driver and I am used to seeing him in jeans and his working boots and I love to see him in a suit,it makes me smile. he isn’t very comfortable but I like it.
  4. 10698603_10203728929036238_7975245672600124903_nThis picture of my innocent looking Sister Tracy who is two years younger than me  ,there are just the two of us and we used to argue when we were growing up and she looked so sweet and innocent but wasn’t, she is quite funny and the queen of innuendo,she is a breast cancer survivor,she had chemo and radiotherapy at the age of 40 and thank god she is still here to laugh and joke,she thinks she is funnier than me but we all know that isn’t true. this Pic makes me smile.
  5. wpid-dsc_0009.jpg My fur baby Alfie makes me smile every day, he can be fast asleep but the second you rustle a packet or hears any food related noise he is off his chair waiting and giving me the look,he is now lying on my feet snoring as I am typing .

Have a great Friday,what makes you smile ? please comment below.

x Dawn


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