Sunday my weekly review 


 I thought I would do a review of my week every Sunday . I have been busy de-cluttering and organising drawers and cupboards around the house and I have a few things I am taking to the chairty shop and a few things to dump because I had a big de-clutter just before Emily went back to school in September. I am on top of meal planning and am doing my main food shop online, I do pop to the supermarket in the week for fresh milk and bread if we need it.  

I have a housework routine and am on top of that as well,saying that and I have no idea why but my laundry basket seems to be full of towels ,we use a lot during the week but it seems to be a lot more,as soon as I typed this I remembered we had bought a few new towels so.they needed to be washed and we had a small leak from the washer and I grabbed the nearest towels which were in the clean pile to mop it up. My washer and dryer have been on overtime today.  During the week I worked on my planner and added a few dates from an school letter .We had snow on the day of Emily’s educational trip and it was sadly cancelled but has been re-scheduled for this Friday. The bathroom is coming on slowly after after a few hiccups along the way .

We have rain here at the moment and it is still quite chilly and I have enjoyed hot baths,getting into my  pyjamas and watching TV under my blanket of an evening and feeling cosy. 

I suffer from insomnia so never have a full nights sleep and some afternoons have been known to nod off for a short nap. 

I have de-cluttered my make up ,foot products ,nailcare and skin care and I have a new basket to house my hair dryer, straighteners, serums and hairspray. It sits at the bottom of my wardrobe out of sight. 

All in all it has been a productive week . 

What have you been up to ? 

X Dawn 


2 thoughts on “Sunday my weekly review 

  1. Helen Parker

    Good to catch up with your movements, Dawn. I de cluttered end December, and thought I had done, but yesterday we randomly started re arranging the conservatory, then the lounge, dressing room, bedroom and ironing room! Lol! Four hours later and we were done! Got rid of about 11 years cobwebs as I haven’t been able to move the big cabinet before on my own ……….! LOL! Covered two old sofas with new throws, so that has saved a lot of money, and chucked out a bookcase (Ed will have it) so made a bit more space. I really to tackle the loft now, as it’s not finished but I just can’t due to horrendous back ache. Waiting to hear back from new Chiro this week.

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