The organising continues 


This week I have managed to organise Emily’s cupboards,my handbags,my built in cupboard in the spare room,my Christmas decorations,my towels, my wardrobe and the kitchen cupboards. …I am on a roll. I have one drawer one living room that Emily keeps a few things that needs sorting and the rest are done.

My next big project will be to go through my craft stash,bearing in mind I have been crafting for twenty years I have accumulated a lot of crafting goodies so it may take a while. I have some  beautiful craft papers the there is no way I am getting rid of any but I do have quite a collection of stamps,embellishments,inks,stickers, pens, scissors etc that do need going though.  I have decided to start today so this morning I have done some laundry and have a lamb hot pot in the oven and am about to hoover and mop downstairs and then take a coffee upstairs but one of my favourite shows on and get stick in,it will be the hardest thing as I love all of my crafty stash….see you on the other side ☺ x Dawn


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