I love a de-clutter


Christmas is officially packed away, since my Son and Grandaughter moved in  have lost my craft room and large storage cupboard and a couple of areas where I stored items we didn’t use that often and  also my bedding and towels.  Last night I emptied my only large storage cupboard and de-cluttered big time.  I have all my Christmas decorations in storage bins and they are put away in there along with my Husband’s boxed up  dvd that he refuse to get rid of.  My handbag collection which was in the large fitted wardrobe that used to house coats and bags but is now Emily’s wardrobe,gift wrapping box and my gift box which is a storage bin with bits and pieces I pick up for Birthday or a Christmas gifts when they are on sale or bogof deals etc. It felt so good to shut the door knowing it was all packed away. The tree is in a tree bag and is being stored in the garage because our loft is completely empty and I am not allowing anything up there . We emptied it a year ago and I am determined nothing is going back there.I also de cluttered and donated sheets and miss matched duvet covers etc and am starting fresh by adding a few new items.  My old towels get donated to the local vets and I have a new bathroom colour so will be replacing bath sheets and towels when needed with my new colour.  I don’t have a massive collection of towels but the do take up a large three drawer chest. I have to refrain from buying new ones until I come up with a new storage idea.

Also waiting in a box to go to the chairty shop are wine glass’s and loads of  empty glass candle jars,you know the candles that are from Ikea that are around £2 I like to use the citrus ones in the kitchen and I have quite a collection  of empties so they are going, wine glasses that I don’t use and odds and ends of glassware.

Today (Saturday) I intend to  de-clutter all of the drawers in the living room ,my units have seagrass baskets as drawers and over Christmas things were thrown in for ease but I need compartmentalise items .Emily is going to stay at her Mum’s overnight so I want to use the time productively,she goes back to school on Monday so I can get stuck into projects during the day.

It feels so good knowing everything is getting sorted and organised.  I also like to donate to Cancer research, we get updates on how much they raise by selling our stuff and the last two large boxes of clothing and household items raised  £80 which was amazing. We have donated to the same shop for years and will continue to do so.

I am using the rule two out one in ,if I want to but something new I have to sell, gift or donate two items in he hope of keeping the house clutter free. I am trying to put organising strategies in place in every room of the house and TK Max sell some great storage items and I have a few ideas things I need from there to help keep stuff in its place .

I have sorted through my e mails and have hardly any in my inbox or keep file. I have deleted some unwanted photos in my phone and lap top but have yet to organise the ones I have kept.  I need to get them onto memory sticks and print a few off that I want to frame.  I hate this task it is so tedious and I get easily distracted.

I have been very productive and am on a roll and I hope it continues.

What have you been up to?  Do you have a big deal clutter after Christmas?

X Dawn




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