My January to do’s


I have always loved lists and feel a great satisfaction ticking off a task on my daily/weekly/monthly to do list. Here are my January to do’s.

Clear my e mail in box

De clutter my photos on my devices and organise the ones I wanted to keep.

Back up important files

Print off and file anything in my e mail keep folder and ditch any I don’t need.

Clear any apps I don’t use anymore

Sort my bookmarks

Sort my YouTube subscriptions and unsubscribe the channels I no longer  watch .

Wish me luck .

X Dawn


One thought on “My January to do’s

  1. Oh my goodness. Even though I delete 98% of incoming emails daily, I still have over a thousand in there that I need to go through. I can probably delete 98% of those too…if I ever get to it. 🙂

    Good luck with your list!

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