Icy days …


Hi it’s Thursday 28th I hope you had a good Christmas.  We had a quiet one at home and it was lovely. We hut the sales on the 27th and yesterday we stayed in Emily and I had a pyjama day and I did a bit of tidying up.Emily sorted her room out and we watched tv.I did an online food shop and it’s coming today. It us so icy and cold I couldn’t face going out.  

We still have no car it is still in the garage we hope to get it back tomorrow.  We have a bit of progress with the bathroom but it is still jut finished which is frustrating but at least we can use the loo and the bath. 

Emily spent some time with her Mum before Christmas which she was looking forward to. She doesn’t go back to school until the 9th of January because the school is now an academy the teachers have a weeks training . I am using an A5 planner to keep myself organised and am going to start tracking my calories, water intake and exercise along with the my fitness pal app which is an easy app to use . I have decided on an eating less and moving more approach to weightless and getting fit.

We don’t go out New Year’s Eve and am babysitting and then on  New Years day I am cooking a big family roast . John goes back to work on the 4th I think and I can get stuck into having a massive de clutter and a good clean and take down the tree etc.  I know many people take down theirs as sooner but I still have to get a storage bag or box for out new tree and we are going to get one tomorrow hopefully when we go shopping . It is my parent’s Wedding Anniversary on the 2nd of January and as always I have no clue what to get them . 

I hope you all enjoy New Years Eve whatever you are doing and Happy 2017. 

X Dawn 


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