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Today is the 20th of a December just five days until the big day. I have to get the food shop once we drop Emily at her Mum’s for two nights on Thursday and we pick her up Christmas Eve.Emily had a period where she didn’t see her Mum but we now  have a regular visiting routine and she usually has a one night sleep over but since it is Christmas she is having two nights. So during the time we don’t have her as I care for her when my Son is at work, I can have a good clean as he house is dusty from the builders and do my Christmas food shop. I have my meal plan and list so it should be OK I am doing one big Sainsburys shop to see us through until New Years Eve and I will pick up fresh items and some party nibbles. Emily wants sparkler’s for New Years Eve so we need to get those. I am looking forward to cooking lunch on Christmas Day for my parents ,there will be six of us. After my parents have gone home and the kitchen is all tidy we will watch Christmas TV with a nice glass of something fizzy and possibly get stuck into the chocolate and do nothing else.   Boxing Day Emily will be with her Dad as John and I are picking my parents up and going to my Sister’s for a buffet lunch. John goes back to work on the 3rd of January but Emily has an extra week off shool as her school is now an academy and the teachers have a weeks training. I shall hit the sales sometime between Boxing Day and the new year and stick up on cards and wrapping and some gifts for Birthday’s I have coming up.

The bathroom….the sink is fixed but we have no more progress to report. So we have a major fail and I am so disappointed.  The guy who is doing the majority of the work has just lost his Brother to cancer and his funeral is today so obviously with planning and sorting funeral etc with his other Brother he hasn’t been here. I totally understand and it is so sad to lose someone but even sadder as it is near Christmas.  So I have resigned myself to the fact it won’t be finished. We can use the loo and bath and sink and I am grateful for that. 

I hope you are all on track with your plans and you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and healthy 2017. 

X Dawn 


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