All wrapped up and a leak ….


I hope you have had a good December so far. My gifts are all wrapped, some of my cards have gone out some not yet which is very late for me . I am ready gift wise . I have the food shop to get on the 23rd.  My parents are coming on Christmas Day. 

Leak…..or should I say leak’s. Leak one …my boiler decides to spring a bloody Leak all over the washer and the floor. The boiler man has been and we have heating but no hot water until this afternoon.  Leak two is from my new sink, the plumber fitter the new vanity and sink but the sink leaked so they changed the bottle trap and the click clack waste (proper name) and it is still leaking . Bath,vanity sink and loo is fitted and the walls are plastered but we are waiting for the shower and extractor and shower screen to be fitted also tiles and painting ,flooring and blind. I am not confident it will be finished by Christmas but I have been told it will be.   We can’t have a bath because we have no hot water until later today,I have a shower that is just about to warm but you have to hold the hose bit yourself as the brackets that hols the hose and shower head have been taken down. I will update you on the progress or lack of depending on the situation.

The old shower we are using now . I am crossing my fingers in the hope it will all be nice for Christmas.  

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy 2107 xxxx Dawn 


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