Get a flocked tree she said. …note to self. ..shut up!


 Happy 1st if December. Our Elf Jingles visited this morning bringing our advent which is little boxes filled with treats and things to do .They have little notes that say have hot chocolate with marshmallows,watch a Christmas film,help deliver the cards,go to the Christmas market today etc plus some chocolate coins,you have to have gold chocolate coins. Well the countdown has well and truly begun. 

I failed getting all my gifts by three as one was out of stock and the other two I changed my mind at the last minute but all in all I have done well.I am wrapping Monday and it will all be done. 

My tree,where do I start . My tree arrived and I couldn’t wait to get it out of the box,I was covered in white flock and dust,my floor , furniture it was everywhere , what the heck was I thinking ?  here is the mess that the blooming tree made getting it out and assembling it. 

It took ages to clear up I have to dust the furniture , sweep and hoover the floor and put my clothes in the wash and I was getting so frustrated with it as everytone I moved it we had another snow storm.  

Here is the devil tree all decked out ,  I do love how it looks but my gosh it is a nightmare!

I am dreading taking it down and packing it away again! 

How is your prep coming along ? 

X Dawn 





2 thoughts on “Get a flocked tree she said. …note to self. ..shut up!

  1. It does look beautiful. Not sure I’d be up for the headache. Scratch that. I KNOW I wouldn’t be up for the headache. I have our tree up, but not decorated yet. Which is probably good, as last night a section of lights went out, and now I’ll have to try to figure out what to do about them, which should be easier without ornaments on yet.

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