Ordered a tree 


We have a Christmas tree coming on Monday . I have decided on a 6 foot flocked tree with berries and pine cones .  I walked around the shops and couldn’t decide so I looked on line and got a £40 saving so it was £89.99. I am going to but a tree skirt and a few more decorations for it on Saturday, I have always had a red gold and green theme for my tree and I have decorations from when John was a boy and my kids were little and I do get a few new ones every year. I got John some angel wings for the tree because both his parents have passed away. I saw them and thought he would love them . I am aiming to put the tree up during the first week of December and as I have done since the film was released I play National Lampoons Christmas Vacation while I decorate the tree. It is one of my favourite films and it gets me in the Christmas spirit. I will take some photos when it is up,I always do it on my own but Emily said she is putting the angel on top so I said she could . John got her a little pink tree for her desk with pink and purple baubles to match her room .

What sort of tree do you have ? 

X Dawn 


2 thoughts on “Ordered a tree 

  1. Helen Parker

    We got a new tree for this year. We bought it in the January sales in 2016, but it sounds JUST like yours! LOL!. When it’s up, I will take a pic! lol!! Such good taste!

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