Support small businesses


I would love to say I support lots of local shops and small businesses but to honest my local town in shocking it needs knocking down and starting again . The two town’s I visit by bus or car are not much better and they are full of pound shops and cheap junky discount shops plus the usual high street shops. There are very few independent shops around here. I tend to shop online and use Etsy for example which I am addicted to and there are some wonderful products that you know are lovingly made by the small business person trying to make a living.

I like the idea of the old fashioned high street with a butcher, grocer,greengrocer , fishmonger , deli etc but they are very few are far between. I like the idea of supporting local people trying to earn a living and we should try to do that where possible and it is sad we have lost that. I do my grocery shopping online it is easy and convenient for me but if we had nicer independent shops I would defiantly shop there.  

What is your town or village like ? do you have independent shops or like mine is not full of the major high street shops and pound shops? don’t get me wrong I do love a pound shop but do we really need four or five on knew small town ?

X Dawn 


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