We have no tree ! 


When we took our  Christmas tree down last year it got dumped because we had it for years and it was looking very sad . I am looking around but can’t find the one I want, we don’t have a real tree I can’t cope with the shedding and trying to keep it from dying before boxing day.  I want a really full bushy tree I hate thin branches . I have seen some lovely ones online but don’t want to pay over £150 for a tree with will spend fifty weeks of the year in a cupboard. I saw some that come disassembled so you get the base and trunk and have to put it together branch  by branch following a colour coded guide which would drive me crazy after five minutes. I am finishing my gift shopping this weekend so next weekend we are going out looking for the perfect tree. I have a picture in my head of the perfect tree and I hope to find it in budget and non fiddly and bushy and beautiful. 

Do you have a real tree ?  

X Dawn 


4 thoughts on “We have no tree ! 

  1. I donated our old tree (at least 20 years old!) after the holidays six years ago, then replaced it the next year. I paid quite a bit. I want to say several hundred $. My husband squawked about the price. But I had shopped around trying to find the best quality at the lowest price, and this was it. The lower priced ones were cheaply made and looked it.

    The new one is easy to put together. Three pieces…base, center section, top…and is prelit, so no fooling with lights. I love it. I consider it an investment. It’s already five years old so if we had been buying live trees for those five years, it would have spent about the same. I consider it free from here on out. 🙂

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    • Dawn

      It looks like we need to up out budget to get the tree I really want. Yours sounds great and no fussing around with complicated assembly. X


  2. I bought a 6ft colour coded branches one more than 15 yrs ago – that one is for the lounge room. Yes it takes a while to put up, what with stringing lights round and round and then dressing it with all the decorations, but then that’s all part of the preparation- getting the room ready!

    Mind you it doesn’t get put up every year- i have a smaller one that goes in the hallway so it depends how I feel as to whether it’s a one tree year or a two tree year.

    If it’s new and glittery you are after it sounds like a modern one would be best for you. I’ve a feeling your granddaughter would be pleased with a modern one

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  3. I’ve never had a real tree before but I do think you need to invest if you want a decent fake one. Just think if it lasts 10 years at £150 thats £15 per christmas rather than spending less but having to replace more often! x


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