Meal plan


I have been meal planning for a long time,it saves waste and money,I do my main weekly shop online and I get it delivered on Thursdays,my meal plan starts on Friday and I plan for the week. here is this weeks meal plan. My shop online was done at Asda and with cleaning products,household stuff and food it came to Β£89 after discounts and I had free delivery which  have for a month. The meal plan is for main meals ,there are four of us in the house and I cook all the meals and prepare packed lunches for Emily,my Son and John my husband. Breakfast for John is eaten whilst he is at work,he takes cereal and a breakfast bar,his lunches are also eaten at work during the week he takes sandwiches,crisps,a chocolate bar and a yogurt,he also takes a flask for tea and a cup a soup. Emily has breakfast which is usually waffles with chocolate spread,porridge with honey or cereal,she takes packed lunch which I will do  separate post on with pics from next weeks lunches,she has a snack when she comes from school which is either a yogurt,fruit or a wafer bar or wagon wheel etc.My Son doesn’t eat breakfast but has a packed lunch every day pretty much the same as his Dad but also takes a sausage roll every day as he loves them.

Here is this coming weeks meal plan.It is a bit of a junk food week not in the healthy eating mood,insomnia struck again and two months in a row with no sleep means I will eat crap and don’t really care,next week will be better.Emily takes a healthy lunch to school and eats fruit

Friday – Fish in batter, homemade chips and mushy peas ( Emily spag bol she is allergic to fish)

Saturday – Chicken Tikka massala with basmati rice and naan bread.(Emily will have a burger and chips)

Sunday -Roast chicken,stuffing,roast and mashed  potatoes,sprouts,carrots,green beans and gravy.

Monday – Cheese omelette and salad

Tuesday – Sausage,cheesy baked potatoes and beans

Wednesday – KFC style Chicken,french fries,corn on the cob,onion rings (Emily’s request)

Thursday – Pizza,wedges and garlic bread.

x Dawn



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