It’s November which means only one thing.


Christmas countdown, well  it is November…like it or not Christmas is just around the corner. I love all things Christmas and I am armed with my trusty Christmas planner which is full of lists , I love a list, my planner has the following lists, gifts,cards,menu for Christmas week,food and drink shopping,non food shopping,makes and bakes,ideas for my advent (it is a little one with drawers which I fill with to do’s) for example,have hot chocolate and watch a Christmas film or bake cookies,school events ,my Grandaughter  lives with me so I get involved with school stuff,events to attend for example Christmas fete’s,church service,Christmas film etc,decor ideas,also a page for online purchases I make and expected delivery dates.

My Christmas planner 

393761_2464811372159_187842097_n My advent that I use every year

I like to get all of my gifts and get them wrapped by the end of the month, I have a massive roll of brown paper and look online for wrapping ideas , I loved the look of last years  brown paper packages.I used little paper doilies,ribbon and stickers.


I am working through the gift buying and as usual am struggling with my parents, I always give them money and a gift because they have a lot of stuff and don’t really have many hobbies, they do like to take coach trip holidays as my Dad doesn’t drive anymore he likes to read. John and I are planning a shopping day in two weeks and aim to get all of he gifts that I still need then, I will shop for Johns when he is at work,again he is so hard to buy for but I have a few ideas.

I give John a list of things I would like and he chooses some from them and then he always gets me a surprise. I always ask for Yankee candles,perfume,a book,a nice notebook,fluffy socks,smellies,he knows the stuff I use and that’s it, I can never think of anything else to ask, he has good taste so he usually surprises me with something lovely.

My parents are coming for Christmas lunch,the turkey and beef are ordered and the rest of the shopping I will do online and then pop out for fresh items on the 23rd ,I stock up on baking items from now as I add a few to my weekly shop. I buy my cards in the sales after Christmas and I start to write them this week. I am on track and like to be organised so I can enjoy the run up to Christmas.

I would love to say we are on track with the house,we are in the middle of having a bathroom renovation and the bathroom walls are now down to the bare brick,not a place to enjoy a long soak in a bubble bath, I am in and out in a flash, I can’t wait to get it done,we have lots of projects on the go and I know we wont be getting them all done by Christmas but as long as the bathroom and stairs are done and we have new carpet on the stairs I will be pleased.

How are your plans coming along? x Dawn








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