Let kids be kids 


When your 10 soon to be 11 year old Grandaughter asks you for your make up bag so she can ” film a make up tutorial for her friends ” it made me giggle but also sad to think Kids grow up too fast these days. I think it is sad to think that peer pressure and images from social media , tv etc are promoting adult type fashion, hair styles and make up to young girls and boys is too much.  My idea of a fun day when I was 11 was play rounders on the field or go on a long bike ride with your friends . Some ,as I am not saying all kids but some kids idea of a fun day would be to stay in their pj’s and have their head stuck in an I pad all day .

When I look after my Grandchildren they are only allowed to use technology as a last resort and only for a limited time  , we bake ,crafts , play in the garden, play board games etc . I know it’s not the same when you have kids 24- 7 it is so easy to use tv or electronics as a baby sitter when it have so much to do but I think it’s sad that kids have lost the art of playing and being kids. 

I know that they want to be grown up and do grown up things but how lovely is it to see and hear kids playing and laughing and running around jut being kids? 

Here is the result of my beautiful Grandaughter’s very subtle make up and she did a tutorial on on e of her private social media sites , I told her she didn’t  need make up as she was beautiful and she will kill me for saying this but she may be coming 11 but she still likes a cuddle and takes her beloved bunny to bed , don’t  grow up too fast . 

 she wanted eye liner too bit I think that would have been too much. Emily loves reading and is learning to play the keyboard but also loves chatting to her friends and playing games on the tablet, you can’t win them all. 

X Dawn 


4 thoughts on “Let kids be kids 

  1. She is beautiful!

    My granddaughters are ten and eleven. The eleven year old is allowed to wear a little mascara and lip gloss since she moved up to middle school. I think I need to sit down with them at the vanity with a magnifying mirror, and point out all the things that they should appreciate right now. I never had a clue that eyelashes and brows started thinning…or lips!…and oh that beautiful little girl skin! They are so, so gorgeous without adding a bit of makeup. 🙂

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  2. She does have a certain presence about her Dawn. She seems to have the right idea about ‘how much is just right’ and has achieved a girl next door look. I hate it when I see young girls pile on the foundation thickly, have the mascara on so thick their eyelashes are clogged And have lips like traffic lights.

    Did you give her any tips or did she know instinctly what way to go about it?


  3. My niece is 12 and already knows more about makeup than I do. It is just the world we live in now though sadly although that said I did use the occassional tinted moisturiser and mascara when I was in secondry school too! x

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