Life …



It has been a very long time …we have had some family stuff going on and all I can say is its been very traumatic but we are dusting ourselves off and starting over .  Life isn’t always easy but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger . My youngest Son and his Daughter  have moved in with us .  I can’t go into details but life has been pretty interesting. Having a ten nearly eleven year old girl in the house is hard work but enjoyable for the most part. She is studying for her sats and has lots of homework coming her way. When she isn’t playing on her tablet she likes watching films and drinking tea or reading . ..she is a home bird.  She is learning to play the keyboard which is quite funny at times and also quite noisy ,she is a mini fashionista who doesn’t hold back on her opinion’s on my wardrobe choices ! I have had fun shopping with her for outfits and we are going shopping for winter items during half term next week. Tonight is the school  spooky disco and we made it or should I say decorated her pumpkin,her she is …I present to you Mrs Pumpkin head .img_20161020_232256

What do you think ?  I like her.

On Sunday Emily asked if she could watch by The Railway Children as a local theatre group had performed an adaptation at school so I popped the kettle on and we sat down to watch .


Engrossed in the film


I have a thing for duck egg blue can you tell? The place where I usually sit looks like this . .my coffee on a dark morning .


Better be off . x Dawn


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