My go to lunches 


Sometimes I am guilty of skipping lunch and then end up snacking on junk until my evening meal. If I am out and about and don’t have time to go and sit down and eat lunch I will pop into Greggs for one of their salad boxes,one of my favourite is the Falafel and cous cous with rocket, tomatoes and peppers and a little tub of humus and little tub of yogurt and mint. I really like this and create it at home too.

I love making soup and an easy one is my roasted red pepper, tomato and red onion soup. It is easy and filling . I love dippy /picky food and a quick and easy lunch or snack is humus with thin crackers and carrot sticks.  I also like making tortilla’s which are great to use up those odds and ends in the fridge I like it cold with salad. When I am cooking new potatoes I always cook more than I need so I have a few to slice up and add to my tortilla with eggs,mushrooms,peppers,feta cheese or cheddar, I also add spring onion and any other bits I have in the fridge. It is perfect for a summer lunch and is very portable.

What do you like for lunch?

X Dawn



2 thoughts on “My go to lunches 

  1. I just got back from a quilt retreat. We cooked communally for dinners, but we each took our own lunch supplies. I took sliced cucumber, cherry tomatoes, sliced red onion, sliced ripe olives, feta, hummus, and pita. I spread the hummus on a pita, and added the veggies and cheese, folded in half to make a ‘sandwich’. I enjoyed that all four days I was gone, and didn’t get tired of it. It travelled well as I put all the veggies in a divided plastic container, and the hummus and feta were in their own small containers.

    Your lunches all look yummy!


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