Good afternoon.  I am not complaining about the 35 degrees of glorious sunshine at all but being overweight doesn’t help so I am literally melting. I have managed to dry all of my holiday washing which is great,not so great is the folding,ironing and putting away. I hope you have lovely weather.  It is warmer today here in the UK as it was in Tenerife.  I am currently out of the sun,fresh from the shower with my fan keeping myself and my dog Alfie cool. I didn’t sleep well last night because it was muggy. Alfie was panting all night and I gave him a large water bowl in my bedroom where his dog bed is at night. 

I am making a chicken and bacon pasta salad for this evening as I really don’t want much in this heat. This in the past has been my downfall because if I eat light I will be hungry at 10 pm so I have lots of fruit for snacking and sparkling water in the fridge. I allow myself a few glasses of diet Coke a day as I love the stuff ..I love it even more with vodka! I can have a drink if I want to as long as it is my syns allowance, some days it is nessasary and some days I would rather eat my syns not drink them. 

I hope you are having a lovely day. I am planning a long dog walk later this evening when it gets dark and cools down. 

Better get my laundry folded and go back outside as I don’t want to waste this sunshine! 

X Dawn 


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