Hiding in a kaftan 


This is really hard but here I am on holiday in 32 degrees and I am in a kaftan. Not a glamorous one that covers a swim suit but a long one with a camisole top underneath and three quarters length trousers. I liked the design and that’s it.  It is plus size . Tenerife was amazing but being overweight I suffered in the heat and of course all the walking was hard because I had to lug all this excess weight along.  My ankles were swollen and I felt very unfit and very fat. I had ten months since our last holiday to do something about it but I did nothing.  I was in denial. I have been a yo-yo dieter for most of my adult life and have started diets most Monday’s and failed by Wednesday.

We came back in the early hours of Saturday and I weighed myself late Saturday and I had gained 2lb which isn’t that bad. I have decided to start me journey today …..

Here are a few snaps of our fab holiday  (I will call them my before snaps) we stayed in one of our favourite hotels and we had a lovely ten nights and celebrated John’s Birthday while were in sunny Tenerife.  

Our view 

The hotel did this for John’s Birthday.

Fizz and yummy food

A tipsy me . Feeling the heat. 

I am following the Slimming World plan which is easy to follow and is ideal for me because you cook a lot from scratch and you can eat loads! And you can have a tipple or chocolate bar as long as you keep within your syn allowance. 

I haven’t done much exercise for ages apart from walking on holiday and I am trying to work our an exercise regime. I like swimming and we will be taking longer dog walks and I am getting a new bike .I am laughing to myself imagining me wobbling along on a bike. 

If you chose to follow me I will be doing a weekly what I ate this week and my exercise log as well as a general chats about what I am up to but it will be mostly about my fitness journey.   I am doing this and putting it out here because I will feel accountable if that makes sense.  I am going to try to make some videos for YouTube too. Thank for taking the time to read this post.  Feel free to leave a link to your blog in the comments and any Slimming World tips would be great.  

See you very soon x Dawn 


2 thoughts on “Hiding in a kaftan 

  1. Oh, how I understand! One of my favorite humor quotes goes something like, “I don’t mean to brag, but I finished my 14 day diet in 3 hours and 12 minutes.” 🙂 My husband is just naturally thin and it doesn’t seem quite fair. He actually hates things like sauces and dressings. Jerk! LOL

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