Life gets in the way


I am still alive and kicking but to be honest not a lot to blog about, I have no been feeling very positive about certain things some situations that I have had to deal with and just life got in the  way. I have not lost any weight because I have been stressed to the max, not good as I have a wedding this weekend and a holiday in July ,my Mum has been so poorly and I have had a lot of Vertigo attacks,I have resigned from the school PFA along with a few other members,can’t discuss the ins and outs of it and it is sad and I will miss our fundraisers. I have someone close who is having a tough time at the moment too and it is sad to see.

I am looking forward to my friends Wedding this Week I have been helping with the prep and I know it will be an amazing day, we are off to Tenerife in July for John’s 60th Birthday, we really need to get the house  finished but he didn’t want a party so we are going away for 10 nights instead.  I am hoping to lose a few pounds before we go,struggling but it’s not impossible I know that so I have put that in the past and now looking forward. I have started walking and do a mile walk 4 times a week and upping it to 3 miles thus week.

I have been de cluttering my skin care/make up and hair care products this morning I have so much stuff!

I had a vegetarian fail and am eating Meat again, I just couldn’t deal with cooking for everyone and having to cook for me and my family are meat eaters. I stopped eating neat in January but did struggle anyway for now I am eating meat a few times a week, I know that is bad but it is what it is.

I have had a crack at making money with my crafts a few years ago and didn’t make a profit,I then sold vintage home goods and that didn’t make me any money either so I turned my hand at nappycakes and you’ve guessed it no profit to speak of ev3n though i sold a few so I am going to try my hand at second hand children’s clothes (very good brands only) so when we get back from holiday I am knuckling down and getting started and hopefully it will make me decent profit.I really cant afford not to work but as I am committed to looking after my Grandchildren during the week I can’t really work away from the home and I want to do something for me . I will give more details as things progress.  I AM TRYING FOLKS !

We are defintaly moving at some point so again when we come back for holiday we need to get all the jobs done and we can get a few valuations and in will be all systems go.

John is well and truly knackered as he had been getting up between 3 and 4 for his HGV driving job and he is so tired when he comes back we can’t do much at all on the house and have to wait for the weekend if we don’t have running about to do.  I have some jobs half finished which are driving me mad and some not started yet even though all the stuff is in the garage.

After a few days if sunshine it us horrible here , I can’t wait for some sunshine !

Dawn x


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