Mount washmore is no more!



I am giving myself a bloody great slap on the back as I have just seen the bottom of the laundry basket for the first time in a while. There are just two of us plus a fur baby in the house and I have no idea where the laundry comes from! I don’t own a tumble dryer I do have a dryer buddy that I use for emergency drying because it is not that great and I struggle to dry laundry,I have two clothes horses  (drying racks) and I use the radiators when I know I am not having anyone round to dry undies,socks and tea towels etc and this horrible weather doesn’t help.  I love a bit of sunshine as I can dry the washing outside . I have just put a load of towels in my washer and it’s all done,my basket is empty. It will stay that way for at least another half an hour until I have my shower and get dressed and it starts all over again. So I am having a quick celebratory cup of coffee before the folding and ironing and putting away begins.
Have a nice day whatever you are doing.
X Dawn


5 thoughts on “Mount washmore is no more!

  1. Ok…probably too much information here…but when I’m home alone, I save for last whatever load that I am wearing similar colors of. Then I strip and throw them in the washer, start it, and then hop in the shower. LOL I am all about extending those empty baskets as long as absolutely possible!

    Good for you getting it all done. 🙂

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