Just a chat about my Dad,a book fail and food


My Dad

I hope you are well. I am fine. Today is my Dad’s Birthday and I went to see him yesterday and rang him today.  Here are a few pics. What a quiff ,he loved his hair!


That is me in his arms and myself and my little Sister and of course my Mum. He is one of the best Dad’s in the world. We had a wonderful childhood and I have so many lovely memories of all the things we did growing up.He is fit and healthy and always on the go and lives his garden and has a new found skill of baking since he starts taking care of my Mum.

Book fail
I had a book fail for February, I just could not get into The Marble Collector by my favourite author Cecelia Ahern as much as I really wanted to. I liked the idea of the story but didn’t enjoy the read if that makes sense. I am quite sad about that. I haven’t started my March read  yet I have lots of books I have had for a few years I haven’t read yet so might chose one later.I have a page called Books I have read in 2016 you will find it on my homepage at the top.


I have already made a few batches of healthier roast potatoes in my acrifry  ,some for later and some for the freezer and I am about to roast some veggies with garlic ready for  soup and blanched some vegetables . I have had a smoothie and crumpets for breakfast,crumpets not so healthy but I took them out of the freezer to have yesterday evening but didn’t use them all and I didn’t want to waste them. I have been doing really well with my vegetarian lifestyle (I eat fish still) at the baby shower I had a salmon wellington and the sauce inside was a caper and watercress sauce, it was really tasty. Tonight I am cooking a roast as I didn’t cook one yesterday John will have chicken and I am having Quorn sausages and all the usual trimmings and I am really looking forward to it.

Weekly Meal plan
My meals for the week are as follows. ( My menus start from Saturday) and these are main meals
Sat -Mushroom Tikka Masalla (Lloyd Gross man cook in sauce )  John had prawn and mushroom I am allergic to prawns )
With basmati rice and poppadoms
Sun- a cooked breakfast brunch (I  didn’t cook a roast as I was going out later in the day )
Monday – Roast chicken dinner (veggie sausages for me) with roast potatoes, veg , Yorkshire pudding and gravy.
Tuesday – fish, chips and peas
Wed – John chicken and mushroom pasta bake.Me a Quorn lasagne and salad.
Thursday- Burger on bun with salad, fries and corn on cob (I have a spicy bean burger)
Friday- Home made veggie soup and crusty bread (a quick bite to eat as we are shopping after we eat ).
I food shop usually Friday evenings or early Saturday morning. I sometimes do click and collect at Asda or have home delivery from Sainsbury’s as well as going myself.

I have just done a quick tidy up and am snatching five minutes for a coffee and then am going to hoover and mop the floors. This afternoon I 2 any to catch up on some YouTube before making a start on the meal for later. I am having humus and pitta with fruit and a yogurt for lunch.
I just smiled to myself as a little girl going to nursery just came past skipping along with pink sunglasses on. Funny how little things can make you smile. I can be going about my daily stuff and a memory pops into my head and I have a smile or sometimes a chuckle to myself, do you do that ?
X Dawn



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