Chilly days,cosy nights


Hello. It is really chilly today here in the West Midlands.We had a very frosty start to the day again. John puts the heating on before he goes to work so it is always nice and warm when I get up because I messed around with the timer and I can’t get it to work now . Alfie doesn’t like the cold he would rather be curled up on his favourite chair,a bit like his Mum. I haven’t been up to much really and I have been doing housework during the day and curling up on front of the TV in the afternoon after preparing the evening meal and watching my favourite you tubers.ย  I am a YouTube addict, I watch bloggers channels . I like lifestyle channels, chatty type vlog’s and I love cookery channels and home improvement too. When John gets back we or he walks Alfie and we eat and tidy up. I get ready for the next day and prepare his lunch for work if it is a weekday and then make a coffee and watch TV if we have no plans to go out.
I met up with friends for lunch this week and also went to see an Ed Sheeran tribute at a bistro in town. He didn’t look like him or sound like him but the singer had a decent voice and we all sang along. We had a lovely meal it was a set menu and Iย  had baked brie with cranberries to start then sea bass with crushed herbed potatoes, green beans and wilted greens with a white sauce it was really tasty and I had a chocolate tart with caramel sauce for dessert and a glass of prosecco. We had a lovely night.


The tart was really good.

I have been trying to get some jobs done around the house and last summer I painted some frames and didn’t use them but I decided to create a mini gallery wall in the dining area of my living room. It is above the dresser opposite my dining table, I used to have book cases there but sold them and had a move around and was left with a blank wall.


I had a little wooden H I wanted to put somewhere too. I am pleased with it. I used command strips no tacks and it was so easy.


The view from my living room area. My dogs bed lives there too and I got the A for Alfie from TV Maxx a while ago. We are painting the walls a different shade soon but I wanted the pictures up so they were out of the way.
My Mum has a degenerating brain disease and has severe shakes of the hands and body. The consultant told her it won’t get any better but the meds she is now taking will help to control the shaking.ย  It is horrible to see,her whole body shakes and she can’t stop it . I just comes and goes. My Mum has been through the wars bless her but she always stays positive which is what is keeping her going and on a good day she can still shop for England!

I am booking a long overdue hair appointment later I can’t believe how long my hair is now. I am going to Liverpool the first weekend in Aprilย  for a hen weekend and need it cutย  and it will have settled by then. A friend in her fifty’s has never been married before is getting married in May and we are off to Liverpool for two nights,we are going to the Albert Dock, the Cavern and having afternoon tea and then cocktail making and a meal and a few drinks.. which we are all looking forward to. We are all really excited. I have only been there once before and that was over twenty years ago.
Today I have been tidying up and made a Salad for lunch and am about to get some more housework done and catch up with my vlogs.Have a great afternoon.
X Dawn


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