Walk in clinic visit


I can never get an appointment with my gp and it’s is so annoying . You have to ring on the day you want to go and it starts at 8.30 but if you don’t get in first you are in a queue and you are kept waiting for ages or if you do mange to get through you are put on a triage call the doctor calls sometime during the day and asks questions and then either you get see them or you get a prescription. I was too ill I couldn’t  be doing with all that nonsense.  I have had a bad chest for a while so I thought I my need anti biotics which my gp is reluctant to prescribe so I decided to go to the walk in centre. You do have to wait to see someone and the seating is limited but because I felt so unwell I needed to go. I was feeling really sick and was told I had a raging temperature but as I am in the midst of the menopause I wouldn’t have really noticed as I am often warm, my blood pressure was high,I have a chest infection with a lot of congestion and was dehydrated. One good thing my blood sugar levels were spot on.And my red cell count was good. I have anti biotics and pain killers and it is my third day of meds I am drinking loads of water and have no appetite and feel really sickly still.  It takes it out of me just loading the washer so I do a job and have a rest and do another job and rest it is taking it out on me . John tang me from the lorry yesterday talking me he had been really sick and was coming home . He had a terrible night and now he is ill too.  Luckily I can manage to get up to sort Alfie out and keep topping up John’s water and putting cool wipes on his forehead I feel terrible but someone has to do stuff. I did manage to drop off to sleep last night for the first time but as John was ill all night I didn’t manage a decent sleep so I have decided to sleep on the sofa tonight as I have to get some sleep. I am trying a boiled egg for lunch a little later as I really have to force myself to eat something.
My new bathroom is being delivered on Saturday and I am really looking forward to sorting out my bathroom it has been a long time coming. Now to find a fitter and need to  us a new shower and towel rail.
I have worn myself out this morning so might try and get a nap this afternoon. If anyone has any tips on building up a decent immune system let me know.
X Dawn


2 thoughts on “Walk in clinic visit

  1. Sorry to hear you aren’t too well Dawn – being crook during the wintertime always seems worse than any other time of the year. What a parlaver you have to go through to see a GP, at leadt you have the option of the old style walk in and wait your turn system. How do those without that cope?
    On of my favourite ‘sicky pickmeups’ (technical term lol) is honey and freshly squeezed lemon (or out of a bottle) in hot water. Warm and comforting as well as making you feel good. The lemon is full of the vit c you need and the honey is reputed to have antibacterial properties.
    ‘They’ say no smoking, eating well and exercising will boost your immune system but The Golfer and I take Echinacea in tablet form. There are various thoughts on how it works and if you use Mr G…search results will tell you all about it.
    However as you know the best thing for your immediate recovery is rest – unfortunately it seems like you will have to share that pleasure with your man and his recovery.
    Do hope you get well soon


    • Dawn Hall

      Thanks Cathy I love honey and lemon. I do not smoke. I am thinking of starting taking Echinacea. I will Google Mr G. Thank you x have a great weekend. Dawn


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