Friday,weekly round up


I hope you have had a good week, mine was ok not too much to report really but here we go, I still have a cough,can’t seem to shift it,I am waking still through the night,insomnia is horrid.My vegetarian diet is going really well I have not missed meat at all in act I cooked a beefburger for John in the week and the smell made me feel really nauseous,he said he would be fine without red meat,he will ease himself off meat I hope,he has had chicken and bacon this week but he does like fish.I look forward to my salmon and roasted veg on Sunday’s and we had fish and chips last night,it was a impromptu visit to the chip shop as we went to Asda Walmart to pick up a new microwave,mine bit the dust last year, I have tried to do without and I can but certain tasks in the kitchen are better with a microwave,I guess it is the lazy girl in me, we done eat microwave meals but I do like instant porridge,rice,cous-cous etc and I used to scrambled eggs in my old one. I have had a Russell Hobbs cream one with a shiny door and chrome dials it matches my kitchen colour scheme. We went as soon as John finished work,hence the fish and chips,I only had some of John’s chips buy had my own fish and it was really good,oh and I have mushy peas too which were really nice. I am going to continue to eat fish for now until I learn more recipes along the way.

download.pngΒ the door is a mirror finish but you can’t tell in the pic.

I have got my reading mojo back and have written a quick review of the book I read on my page Books I have read in 2016, It was The Woman Who Stole my life by Marian Keyes. I have already started another, I am reading The Marble Collector by Cecelia Ahern my favourite Author,I am sad to say I am not getting on to well with it, It is a story of discovery but it is just not my cup of tea so far, I will persevere with it though as I am only a third of the way through.

I am on top of my organising plan and yesterday I tackled my food storage, I re arranged a couple of kitchen cupboards and I emptied my fridge/freezer and small chest freezer and cleaned them and re organised my frozen and chilled food, I was inspired by all of the organising video’s I have been watching on YouTube. I am addicted to YouTube and have found some inspirational people on there and subscribe to quite a few. I am a nosy person and watch a lot of home tours and money saving sites as well as lifestyle and general lifestyle channels.There is something for everyone on there,my Grandchildren love it,one of my young Grandaughter’s loves watching play dough videos,various people post videos and makes and how to’s etc. I love seeing shopping hauls (again the nosy girl that I am ) and am amazed at the bargains people get. Why do some people keep their bread in the fridge? doesn’t it dry out? I have often wondered,maybe I need to do a little research,which is what I call my time spent on YouTube…

My parents are well thank goodness, My Mum’s medical issues are lifelong and she is having treatment for various health problems and is having tests at the moment too. My Dad is as thankfully as fit as a fiddle and takes amazing care of my Mum. I have the loveliest of parents and had such a happy childhood. My Sister and I are very lucky and I thank the lord for them.

I have ordered a new bathroom and it is being delivered on the 30th! we have needed a new bathroom for years we had a holiday last year instead of a bathroom(I know it is bad bt we really NEEDED that holiday) We have the money saved and so I measured up and worked out what we needed and went on line and ordered it, I had a great deal at Victoria Plum anyway but also saved an extra Β£80 at the checkout which will pay for the heated towel rail I want it is a curved chrome one that is on offer at the moment in Screwfix. John has no DIY skills,well, he may be able to pick up a paintbrush it takes him forever so I took it upon myself to get the bathroom measured up and ordered, I told him when it was coming and he looked a little surprised,if I don’t do things around here frankly they don’t get done. I now need a decent bathroom fitter and tiler, I have gone for natural colour as we are selling and as the room is so small the free standing bath I would die for will not fit,and anyway I would cry if I had to leave it behind,maybe the next house?

Alfie my Cavalier has allergies and they get worse in the warm weather,he is ok now and the shampoo we are using is keeping his skin calm,at ten times the amount I pay for mone I should think it would be! he is drinking his bottled water and eating his cucumber and carrot treats and lazying around the place,I would love another dog,my Son has a new Shar pai puppy she is all wrinkly and cute and adorable but they grow really fast and her parents are huge.

It is damp here and a little chilly,it has stopped raining thank goodness, I hear that parts of America are having very bad snow storms so we are lucky really. I have the Grandchildren today for a few hours after school later and when they have gone home I am doing a food shop, I am going to Morrison’s this week as they have some really good offers on at the moment (loads of items for Β£1) so I won’t be going to Aldi and Sainsbury’s as I usually do. I am also popping back to Asda and I saw a few things I wanted for my kitchen online but want to go to the bigger superstore, they did not have what I wanted in my local one that I got my microwave from last night.

I am popping to see my Parents over the weekend and the rest of the time doing some jobs on the house. I hope you have a great weekend.

x Dawn






5 thoughts on “Friday,weekly round up

  1. RedHeadedBookLover

    Hi there! I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your blog post… To say it is great (not just this post, all of yours!) is an understatement. You are really talented.

    I should mention that because of how much I loved this post of yours I had to check out your blog and I couldn’t help but follow you because your blog is both amazing and beautiful! I am so happy I came across your blog and I can’t wait to read more from you, so keep it up (:

    By the way this comment is towards all of your blog posts because they are all equally amazing and incredible, keep up the great work (:


    • Dawn Hall

      Thank you so much for the very kind comment, I just ramble on about my life and it is nice to know that I have quite a few likes and some great comments. I hope you come back, I have jut visited your blog and will be going back to read older posts too.Have a lovely day x Dawn

      Liked by 1 person

      • RedHeadedBookLover

        Aww you are so welcome! I really love reading your blog now that I have discovered so keep it up (: and thank you so much! Hope you have a nice day too X

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Dawn, have you read The Year I Met You by Cecelia? As you know I used to love her books but I really wasn’t a fan of that one and now you’ve got me worried about The Marble Collector as I haven’t read that one yet either! x


    • Dawn Hall

      Yes Leanne I have read all of her books I enjoyed the year I met you very much. I am getting into the marble collector and bit more now x


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