Friday-weekly round up


Good morning from a frosty West Midlands. We had some snow last night as the temperature’s plummeted  to below zero. This morning I looked out of he window and the road is clear but there is still some snow on the garden and rooftops. It is quite chilly too.
Here is a quick round up of my week. I am on a bit of a de cluttering frenzie and I have done nearly all of the cupboards and drawers in the house. I have quite a lot for the charity shop and a few things to list on e bay. I have not listed one item yet and I was going to do it this week,no excuses I just haven’t done it. …fail!
I have made a break through with my reading and my mojo is back I have nearly finished my first book of 2016 and may even manage two.
I am in love with avacado,I have always liked it but I am using it a lot I have had it on toast for breakfast and had it with a spritz of lime spread on a wrap and served with a spicy veggie burger for lunch.


I have also been keeping my planner up to date. I use it for keeping track of my food and water intake as well as my to do list and day to day stuff. In love it. It is a Paperchase leather A5 size . I got some dividers from eBay and made the today page marker myself.


I love lists as I have mentioned before and have my planner, a small diary for my handbag,a book that I use as a  Birthday/Christmas planner which also has my lists of books I read or want to read,movies I watch or want to watch,my weight tracker etc, and a note book with my daily to do’s /shopping lists etc. I live by the list and need notebooks in my life.
One of my favourite TV series is back for season five,Stella written by and starring the amazing Ruth Jones aka Ness from Gavin and Stacey I was waiting for the first new episode and was really excited and it was really funny. Ruth is an amazing writer and I can’t wait to see how this season plays out. It will be a sad day when Stella comes to an end,I have a feeling however that it will run for quite a while.
I love my candles and as soon as it gets dark I light my candles and tea lights,they make my living room feel so cosy.


I love my tea light house and am on the look out for a couple more maybe smaller,I get through so many tea lights and my stash is running low so I must remember to put them on my list.
Today I am out to breakfast with my friend and I will be having eggs benedict which is one of my favourite breakfasts. I have the Grandchildren when they finish school and when they go home at 4.45 I will go and do the weekly food shop. I need to finish my shopping list later and I have a couple of new veggie recipes I want to try out. This weekend we are shopping for a few things for the house and will visit my parents.
Whatever the weather is like where you are I hope you have a lovely weekend.
X Dawn


2 thoughts on “Friday-weekly round up

  1. I love your twinkling candles and tealights and think there is something magical about them when they light up the room. It is one of the good things about winter as we can light them early as it goes dark from 4pm onwards. I am going through scented tealights thick and fast at the moment too and I use warm scented ones at this time of year. Salted caramel is a current favourite from Yankee Candle. Have a great weekend Dawn. xx

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    • Dawn Hall

      Thank you Lesley your Yankee candle sounds lovely I love Yankee but I have yet to try salted caramel. Hope you have a fab weekend ☺


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