Was it good for you? Rant warning issued.


Good morning,was your weekend a good one? Mine was not that great, the blooming rain is past a joke, I am craving sunshine,after much debate John decided to come to my friends Sister’s Birthday party,he may as well stayed at home to be honest because it was obvious,much to my embarrassment, he did not want to be there, he only spoke when spoken to and was generally for want of a better word a pratt. He looked at his watch almost every ten minutes and asked we could go even before 10pm, the party was on until midnight so I just go up and danced with friend’s and ignored him until around 11.30 which pissed him off somewhat so I gave in and I said my goodbye’s and we left. We had a “discussion” on the way home and I was not in the best mood. I stayed up until 1.30 and then stayed in bed on Sunday until 10.52 which is unheard of as I always toss and turn and wake up during the night,I can’t blame booze as i only had two drinks,he knew I was annoyed and gave me lots of excuses for his actions, to be honest it was my own fault because I knew he didn’t want to go but these people are my closest friend’s family and I have grown up with them,one brother was coming from Tenerife to be there, I did not want to go alone and have to make feeble excuses for John not being there so I said you are going and that was that. As a new vegetarian(I do eat fish for now) I was worried about the food at the party so I had some homemade humus and celery before we left and around half eight at the party I had salad,egg mayo sandwich and two onion bahjis so that was ok.

I survived my first social occasion as a vegetarian and it feels so good. I also weighed in today and I have lost 1lb, I am aiming to lose 1-2lbs a week so that is great,I am on a massive learning curve and veggie does not automatically mean low fat so I have to be careful.

When I emerged from my bed at 10.52 on Sunday morning I was all behind and had to play catch up, I had a rushed breakfast of avacado on toast and two cups of coffee I set about my housework,washing and cooking, I cooked chicken for John for lunch which was ok because he is not a vegetarian and I am fine with that ,although he did say he would cut out meat a few times a week and see how he got on. I had salmon,roast potatoes,carrots,sprouts and green beans and I really enjoyed it.I put some washing away and sat and watched some catch up TV and then we went to visit my parent’s,when we came home we had soup and a sandwich and I got on with getting things ready for today,I made John’s lunch and put it in the fridge,I had planned on doing some ironing but I didn’t feel like it so I sat and read my book. I am reading The Woman Who Stole My Life by Marian Keyes, I am only a few chapters in but am enjoying it, one of my goals for this year is to get back into reading and my aim is for one book a month which is of course do-able I could read a book in a few days when I was into my reading and If I manage more then that is a bonus. I like real books I have the Kindle App on my tablet and I have a few books on there but am not that into it really. I had a restless night but I have vertigo and am going through the menopause and these are symptoms of that.So that was my weekend,how was yours? comment below and leave a link to your blog too as I am always looking for some new blogs to read.

Thanks for reading my post,I hope to see you next time.

X Dawn



5 thoughts on “Was it good for you? Rant warning issued.

  1. Helen Parker

    I love the rant warning! LOL!
    Back to the veggie business – I have a good book: innocent smoothie recipe book that my eldest gave me – it’s excellent. It’s called 57 and a half recipes from our kitchen to yours – good for breakfasts and lunches. If you are still eating eggs then the world is also your oyster 🙂 Tonight we are having prawn stir fry (frozen prawns and brown rice – make It up as I go along). I have also given up gluten – so I now buy gluten free pasta (it tastes the same) and we don’t eat bread. There is one type of Ryvita that suffices. I do make gluten free bread but it’s too delicious so I try and not make it too much! Lol! When I run out of ideas we sometimes revert to fish – we don’t eat meat, dairy or gluten, but I do sometimes get a bit of fish now. We had Salmon on Xmas day – smoked on a cedar plank (don’t ask me – it came like that!) Jacket potatoes are good on another day – fill with all sorts. Have you got a soup maker? Good investment – I got one for our eldest for Xmas. Same as mine. Tofu: No. Just no. What even is that stuff (I think it’s mushrooms). You would do better to eat an eraser from your desk. As you know I have chickens so the other day we had egg salad joushed up with rice. Once you start looking around you really can’t stop! The Veggie ready meal aisle will give you good ideas too – either buy them or go make them better at home 🙂

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    • Dawn Hall

      Thank you Helen x I do eat eggs and dairy and fish (for now) I had salmon for Sunday lunch. I lost 1 lb this week but did have a few naughty things ( not meat ) I have to learn that vegetarian does not mean stuff your face lol . I love soups and have always made roasted vegetable soup it is delicious. I haven’t got a soup maker I just roast veggies and garlic in oven blitz them and add veg stock and various herbs if I have them. I also love roasted tomato and basil soup mmmm the cedar plank sounds funny but I know it’s flavours permeate the fish. …hark at me lol x


      • Dawn Hall

        Oh and I also love veggie curry and bean chilli with rice ☺I do not miss meat and John is going to try a few meatless meals as well. We already have Quorn but I have never and will never eat tofu it looks vile and have read lots of opinions exactly the same as yours lol yuk ! X I love cooking and am looking forward to my journey. X


  2. Sorry to hear about your evening out at the party, Dawn – men can be selfish and difficult creatures when they choose to be, can’t they? Sounds like you gave him what for, anyway! Hope your week has improved since then x

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