Friday,weekly round up.


I am no longer doing Friday Five because to be honest I have run out of ideas but am doing a weekly round up on a Friday instead, I hope you like it and feel free to join in,please leave the link to your blog below or feel free to comment.

Monday was my first day as a vegetarian, I was vegetarian a few years ago for about a year and fell off the wagon but for health reasons as well as ethical ones I feel now is the time to change my lifestyle. I will be eating fish for a while but want to phase that out but until I become more knowledgeable and really into the whole no meat diet I think I need fish. Β I have enjoyed looking at new recipes and things to add to my food cupboards,John will eat what I cook but I do not think it is fair to take away his meat so where I can’t use a meat free alternative(Quorn chilli or Quorn cottage pie etc) I will use meat, I am trying to get him to eat just organic chicken and bacon for now.I don’t want to rely on meat substitute products as there are so many more foods to eat.

This week I have been logging all of my meals in my food diary,this works for me as I don’t eat as much when I write it down and I always write everything down,I am also logging my water intake,this is a tricky one for me but it is a work in progress.I am trying to have more water and less coffee. I have been using my planner which is a A5 sized desktop planner from Paperchase (like a filofax) and I love it,it keeps me organised.

I have been watching quite a few movies and will be adding them to my Movies I watched in 2016 page on my menu. I have also started reading The woman who stole my life by Marian Keyes Β and I think I will enjoy the book judging by the few chapters I have read. I have struggled with reading and got out of the habit and missed it so I am glad I have my reading mojo back.

Today I checked my cupboard and freezer and did my meal plan around what I have and written my meal plan for the week and my shopping list and has soon as the Grandchildren go home later ( I have them Monday,Tuesday and Friday after school for two hours) we will go food shopping.

I am looking forward to going to my Friends Sister’s birthday Party on Saturday evening,for various reason’s that I won’t go into now John won’t be going but as I have known her for many years I am going. I have decided on what I am wearing, I have made a card but did not enjoy making it (lost my crafting mojo about a year ago)I love crafting and am hoping to start enjoying card making again soon. I have no idea why I don’t.?

My fail for the week is listing items on ebay, I had planned to but have not got around to it yet,I need to get stuff out of this house! I still have a very chesty cough and have had short bouts of vertigo and I just have not felt up to it, it is on my Monday to do list. I have had some terrible nights not sleeping I suffer from insomnia as well as vertigo (symptoms of the menopause) I felt quite irritable last night. I did manage some sleep last night but was woken early feeling very dizzy. I feel so much better now thank goodness.

I hope you had a great post Christmas week,have a great weekend.

Dawn x






5 thoughts on “Friday,weekly round up.

  1. Fellow insomniac (presently) and vertigo sufferer (but not for several years, knock on wood). It is the worst. After tons of medical tests and specialists, I found mine was triggered by fatigue (insomnia, duh LOL) and stress. Basically got it every time my mother-in-law visited, as well as after a job ended, and after a surgery. Now I take a minimal dose of anti-anxiety med and so far so good…not sure that’s really what’s working, but it’s my security blanket. Specialist says it is often triggered by stress. I mention this just in case it might be of help. If you ever need a listening ear, feel free to email me. And I wish you all the best as you transition your eating and cooking routines. hugs


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