2016 how did that happen?


I have not blogged since the first of December, I have been allowing life and illness get in the way and I have not had much to say. Today I have decided to get over it and get on with it. We had a quiet Christmas,it was just the two of us so too quiet for me, my family have all been ill and I have had a chest infection and have been on medication. We attending a charity function which went well and I was proud to be a part of it. I am going to write a blog post about the event during the week.

I do not make New Years resolution’s but am an avid planner and like to set mini goals that are achievable.I have become a vegetarian in the past week for health reasons and want to get fit. I want to read more and spend time writing some decent blog posts. I want to work on time management as I do waste so much time watching Youtube,using facebook etc. I am in de-cluttering mode at the moment have have sent two bags of stuff to the charity shop and have a few things I want to list on e bay. I am trying to get the house decorated and finished by the late spring and get it on the market. for a number of reasons we won’t be moving to South Devon but we will move there when John retires. I am looking forward to what the year brings. Happy 2016 people.







9 thoughts on “2016 how did that happen?

  1. Helen Parker

    Hey Dawn! Sorry to hear you have had a chest infection – I didn’t know! Sorry. Got the lovely card today from Tiegan – thank you – it was very good of them indeed to post out a thank you. I do appreciate it. We have had some illness over Christmas – my youngest had a flu thing all over the Christmas holiday period and I have been struggling mentally for a while now since about end October, so I have to start counselling again now – even though I am still on medication. Just waiting for a date. I look forward to hearing anything about the prom 🙂 Obviously I am delighted to hear that you are giving being Vegetarian a go – I won’t bore you with tips and recipes here, but if you do want any pointers just drop me an email. If you are going veggie you might enjoy more fish? Even my son in law (who was a massive bacon fan) has been reduced down to just organic free range chicken !! Its good for the body, the wallet and the planet 🙂 (I said I wasn’t going to bore you here!)
    I had a good de clutter before Xmas and then another small one after. My youngest has done the same this week and my eldest did hers over Xmas period (they are doing building works soon she hopes).
    Happy New Year Dawn!

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    • Dawn Hall

      Hi Helen thanks for the reply, I am still quite chesty and tired all the kids have been poorly. I didn’t want to eat fish but am going to have fish at first and then ease it out . I have been struggling eating meat and I think I am in the right frame of mind to stop all together, I hope your councilling goes okay xxxx


    • Dawn Hall

      Thank you Helen, I am trying to find out what cheese I can eat, It took me ages to do my food shop on Friday, I have enjoyed my first week and am not missing meat at all. Any tips on websites,blogs etc to have a look at would be great. Happy New Year xxx


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