Friday five


Senses…this I hate,

  1. Sight….spitting,It makes me gag just thinking about it,it is a vile habit,especially in the street….disgusting.
  2. Sound….nails on a chalkboard,the screeching,eeeeewwww
  3. Smell…this is hard but I hate the smell of cloves,at Christmas everyone has those spiced candles and I loathe the smell,I like Christmas baking etc but not the cloves,they are far too pungent for me.
  4. Touch….I can’t touch liver (smell,taste,touch all in one!),John’s Mum used to make liver and bacon for him and I couldn’t touch it,I worked in a butchers for a while and still gag at the thought of picking it up ….eeeewwww
  5. Taste….Aniseed,the sweets,Tarragon(to me has that anise flavour),Pernot,vile stuff

There are my five hates,very hard has I have quite a few!

What are yours?

x Dawn



3 thoughts on “Friday five

  1. Oh my goodness, I can honestly say I am five for five in agreement! Though I can tolerate a little tarragon on occasion. Cloves…yuck…I can remember begging my mother not to used them even when I was a small child. And touching liver is gross…not crazy about touching raw chicken either. Back in the days before we could get it all pre-cut in the grocery, I always made my husband cut up a whole chicken before I would start in with the cooking of it.


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