Friday five


What I have been doing/posting on Facebook this week

1.I sent these pictures to my Sister in a private message on Facebook this morning,it is the two bargains I got from the fashion show and sale last night,it was the fundraiser I wrote about in my previous post.

12219439_10206313841497434_7895731340241569754_n I got a monsoon top for just £10 it is a nicer red than on the photo.

12219450_10206313840977421_7428534497893265288_nThese cute PJ’s that I am saving for Christmas Eve,gotta have new PJ’s for Christmas Eve! they were supposed to be £8 but when I get home I found out they had charged me £4 so an extra bargain.

2.I posted these two photo’s on Facebook this week as I made some breakfast bite muffins for the freezer, they are basically a crust-less omelette baked in a muffin tin, I use cooked bacon,mushroom and spring onion and I mix with beaten eggs ,salt and a sprinkle of smoked paprika, I then crumble some de frosted hash browns into the mixture and bake in a greased muffin tin, they can be eaten hot or cold and can be frozen and defrosted, these can be packed as a lunch or warmed in the oven and are really tasty.

12232743_10206300003111483_6177266415624940617_oexcuse the messy tray I spilt mixture on the silicone muffin tin,I used a ladle because I was too lazy to get a jug,serves me right, it is quite a deep tray  and I use it for baking and chilling desserts like jelly etc.

12239580_10206300004591520_618366924292923997_nI put an extra sprinkle of grated cheese on top,don’t the look good?

3.I posted this on Facebook ,I got a wrap from Matalan in the summer but am wearing it still because I have some warm moments,I only just realised after months that my insulated coffee cup matches my wrap,doh !

12196223_10206278564055520_9032447364351530917_n pretty,dots are in again,perhaps they never went away?

4.I posted pics of my coffee table on Facebook, they little house is for burning tea lights and was £5 from Matalan and is so cute ,it looks great when the tea light is lit.

11201850_10206291354495273_1085789637729347618_n cute isn’t it? 12189203_10206291354135264_8674947640167855185_o also on my coffee table is my coffee tray with a few candles my little owl and small wooden H,I did buy this to hang on the wall from E-bay it said large but was too small for the wall, I think it looks pretty on my tray,the tray was just £6 from Asda.

5.12187806_10206265692613742_6852606881404629852_n I have not been too well and have had a chest infection and one day last week I stayed in my pj’s on the sofa watching Youtube, keeping warm in my snuggly throw that I got from Homesense one of my favourite places for home wear’s.  The table is a little adjustable table I use the laptop or the kids use it for colouring,it was from Ikea I think it was £15 and so handy,

I hope yo like my five, be back soon X Dawn


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