School fundraiser tonight


For weeks members of the PFA of which I am a member have been selling tickets for a fundraiser for the school some of my Grandchildren attend,some of us have been selling to friends and also selling tickets to Mum’s at the school gate,the fashion show and sale is always a great fundraiser,we have a company come in we sell tickets (we keep all of the ticket money) for a fashion show where the models wear a garment and carry a garment so we can touch and try on etc,the clothes are high street,Hobbs,Monsoon,Per Una,River Island etc and at amazing discounts,the company keep the money from the sale,they give us vouchers to raffle off and we keep the proceeds from the raffle we also sell food and drinks which we keep the profit, we usually sell over 100 tickets and make quite a bit of money. I am cooking Samosa’s which sell well and cobs (filled rolls),we also sell crisps,soft drinks and tea and coffee, I am going to help set up tables and will be at school from around 5pm until around 10pm a very busy day and night.

The company are called Fashion show and sale company and are based in Manchester but travel all around the country in teams and it is a great night ,my Friend’s daughter had her bridesmaids dresses from one of the sales and they were half the retail price and were is a pic,stunning !

This is the company’s Facebook Page in case anyone is interested.

They sell some amazing things,scarves as little as £2 to coats and ball gowns that are at least 50% if not more off.

I am looking forward to it as are lots of people and look forward to picking up some bargains. They have a great range of styles and sizes of ladies fashion. I am no way affiliated with this company I am just sharing my opinion, we hope to make around £400-£500 tonight which goes towards funding the children’s Christmas gift from Santa that every child in the school gets,we also have the £700 we made at the Spooky disco a few weeks ago.

So I had better go and get ready x Dawn


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